Lions vs Eskies game thread

I hope its a barn burner!!! both teams need to respond. Will this game be blacked out locally?

Gotta say cudos to Randorf, Shultz, Clime and Dunigan for letting it hang out on retro night.

I have my chicken strips in the oven. My beer in the fridge. I'm ready for a good game. I'll be watching it with a buddy, so I doubt I'll post much during the game.

My pre-game comments: If Hall is going to give Whitlock a second chance, then he needs to be the second-string guy. McCarty NEEDS to start. Whitlock should be used for running plays, since that's supposedly his strength. If they want to use short/dump passes, then they need to use McCarty. Calvin is great running those plays. That's how we were able to beat Winnipeg in the playoffs last season.

The O-Line needs to step up and give Ricky Ray time to throw, and the D-Line needs to aggressively attack B.C.'s weak O-Line.

I'd also like to see Tristan Jackson get his return game back. He's been a little stagnent so far.

If we can do the above, we'll get the W.

I expect the Eskie's to repsond tonight, specifically RH, and yes Chief McCarty needs to start. Ray needs to know he can hand or dump the ball off at least once in a while a make some yards. This game WILL be interesting for sure, I have no idea what to expect lol.

I hope its what I expect it to be :smiley:, I know that makes no sense haha, I meant to say, I expect this game to be wide open with a few lead changes and really can't pick a winner.

Dunnigan looks like he lost a bet. :lol: I like Shultz retro outfit the best.

LOL, agreed Dunigan indeed looks like he lost a bet. I like it though, adds a little color to the game, of course I hope its not every night as Randorf stated.

Loving both teams uniforms.

Here we goooo

Lovin’ the Lions retro jerseys…

It's been a while since I last saw a BC punter with a leg...

That leg has been getting a good workout so far.

Jackson didn't waste any time.

Both teams are struggling to go anywhere (just as I said this, Simon catches a pass at the 1yd line)

but the Lions are now up 9-0!

Esks not looking very good again.

I thought we were looking good last week after the first quarter... it's wayyyyy too early yet.

Buck Pierce hurts his head, bouncing off the cement, er I mean grass..

JJ’s arm is looking very good.

Well bye bye Buck, hello JJ. Great pass to GS

wow, what is wrong with the Eskimos??

the Lions are not really having to work too hard so far. the Esks are looking pretty ugly!

Ya know, I don't think Wally can truly designate a starter between BP and JJ. Its going to boil down to who's not hurt and moving the ball. I think using both of them often would be Wally's best bet

Edm 'D' gonna shake things up. Don't care who wins, just want to see the game a little closer.