Lions vs Cats

Dear BC Lions…not to worry…you’re hosting the Ti-Cats next Fri. and you’ll be back on your winning ways.
As far as I can see, we look way behind everyone else in the league re: preparation. Our timing is still at training camp level. We’re going to have to improve big time, if we’re going to compete in this league. :cowboy:

Is anyone else less worried for BC next week?

PS: does anyone know what the record for most turnovers in one game is?

Most Interceptions By, Regular Season Game:
8 - Ottawa (vs. Saskatchewan, Sept. 22, 1974)
7 - Several clubs, 22 times

Most Interceptions By, Both Teams, Regular Season Game:
11 - Toronto vs. Calgary (July 8, 1982)

Most Fumbles Lost, Regular Season Game:
8 - Ottawa (at Hamilton, Oct. 23, 1971)

Most Fumbles Lost, Both Teams, Regular Season Game:
10 - Saskatchewan at Calgary (Oct. 1, 1951)

Welcome to 0-2.

We never beat BC.


1990, 1991, 1992 the Ticats won all 3 years in a row at BC Place. Last time we won there was 2004.

Next week's game now seems more winnable than before. Not that I expect a Ticat win though.

But after seeing last night's Bombers-Esks game, I'm not as worried about the week 3 game. :slight_smile:

I can't wait for the game next week!!! Quinton will turn it around and get back on track ...anyone know if you can bring cameras inside BC Place?

One great stat I noticed on the page you link to is that Hamilton intercepted 46 passes total in 85. Thats damn amazing for what an average year 85 was. I don’t ever remember hearing that stat.

That '85 team probably had the greatest group of DB's ever to play in this league...anchored by none other than Paul Bennett.

No one, and I mean no one....wanted to catch a ball over the middle at that time.

Sometimes I like when our next week opponent has a nice and easy game. They get lazy and complacent. I can't see the Lions having a very fun week of practice and video review this week. They'll come out blazing next week. Pierce is taking a hammering though.

In 07 of all seasons Hamilton almost won in BC. They ended up losing by only 4 points and this was with Maas @ QB! haha

Anything is possible.

Judging from tonight’s game, I think you may be right.

Marcel has to change his frickin mindset for one thing. All he cares about is developing for the future, every interview it's: "oh they're a rookie team you can't expect them to step it up this early blah blah blah, maybe next week, but frankly we're trying to develop for the future blah blah blah."
He needs to think like a coach, not a scout. You NEVER want to lose games, especially on your turf against a major rival. If you happen to lose a game, you get in there, let the players know what they did wrong and tell them straight up that this team better win next week. All of his pre-game speeches too are: "go out there and have fun, k guys? let's go." WTH IS THAT??? How about let's win this game and have fun after we trounce the opponent's by 20 points. I'm all for these guys not getting hot heads in a game or anything, but really. People aren't paying for tickets to watch the players have fun, that's what pee-wee football is for. We pay to see them hit hard, make plays and win games. Have fun after a winning season or even better, a grey cup win. You take this league lightly and it'll boot you in the ass, that's the hard truth. Get out there and take wins, don't pray for them to fall into your lap.

Some tough love from a Ticat fan for life :slight_smile:

Yeah, after watching the game, I'm not quite as worried. The Riders defence is a lot better than Hamilton's though.
8) I would be more inclined to take the opposite view in regards to our chances against BC next game.
 You can bet your life that Wally will put his team through a rigorous week of practice for this game, and they will be out to make up for that last loss against Regina !!!

 With the Cats facing a long flight, the 3 hour time difference and having to play a MAD BC team, I don't really like our chances of winning at all  now  !!!           <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Unless something remarable is going to happen at practice. The Lions are going to smoke the Cats for another humiliating defeat. I bet the teams love to play the Cats because they get to pad their stats. I would only hope the coaches would actually get a solid game plan together so the team doesn’t look like a high school practice session. You can not make a Cadilac out of Toyota parts…