Lions vs Canucks: Powerpoll

There is a powerpoll "Which BC team are you keeping a closer eye on right now?". The results as of 8am Wednesday...

 Lions   57%
 Canucks 43%

Who are the Canucks?

Can somebody show this to TEAM 1040?

Good luck, Team 1040 paid alot more to broadcast 80+ games for the NHL than they did to broadcast 11+ games for the Lions. They will continue to favour the Canucks, whether we like it or not.

Anyone dumb enough to follow the Canucks after 20 games and only playing so so hockey is a little slow.

There is only one CFL game left (GREY CUP) and the Lions are part of it. There are still 60 or so games left in the NHL so would it be so hard to follow the Lions before the Canucks. The real NHL season doesn't start until the second half anyways.