Lions vs Bombers

This will be a hard game to handicap, considering the passing of Coach Harris.

Very true; I would expect both teams will hit the field, go out there and play their respective game of hard nosed football.

Very tough week for the Bombers. If the Lions can come out strong they may be able to catch the Bombers on a bad week . With a week like the Bombers had Football tends to take a back seat.

The moment of silence before the start hopefully will give enough closure for the Bombers to get into the game. Injuries are something you have to think about if you're mind isn't all there, as well.

Big crowd tonight, should be a good one, off we go.

...I think the bombers rally and use Coach Harris's passing as an inspiration, but time will tell what impact his loss will mean to the bomber D...

I can't believe I have to cheer for the Bombers tonight. :?

...booze Chief, use booze...

Great to see both teams out there together during the moment of silence for Coach Harris.

I’m not sure I’ve sufficient booze on hand. :lol:

Not sure I'd go that far Chief, easy for you with Bombers not in your division. :wink:

Pierce takes a ferocious hit. I like that. Anyone else think hellacious is overused?

Johnson looking good again on the returns.

True enough Chief.

I'll have a few for

Now that was a kick. :o

Anyone having any luck with an online link? This one eludes me.

When did BC get a defence? Two sacks already. :lol: [url=] ... nel-1.html[/url]

Bombers take back to back penalties...

BC up 3-0. Ugh. Come on, O-line, give Pierce some protection. (I feel dirty.)