Lions vs Bombers

Surprisingly, the Province has the Bombers by 5.

McCallum is out this week because of his glut max injury. What does that do to the Lion's chances. I think it will be a close game needing a last minute field goal for the win.
Does either team have the kicker to do it?

We probably won't have a kicker for this week. That's going to kill our special teams :frowning:

'''IF the wind is blowing...the kicking game could be a very decisive factor....especially if the leos are without McCallums services...the Bombers punting game has been suspect as well...but practising in the breeze gives the Bombers a slight edge ...

GO BIGBLUE go....AND BLOW WIND BLOW...heh heh.... should be a good game :thup:

At one sportbook, the line opened at "0" for this game. Public money has moved the line to BC-1. Some top handicappers consider this a solid bet but I'm uncertain.

Hmmmm... Should I change my pick for the VGCC?

No No No! We couldn't take your hospitality! :lol:

You keep Troy, and give us Pikula! :lol:


Swervyn Mervyn brings up some great matchups & comparisons.

I hope this game lives up to the hype. (Pre Grey Cup match up! :wink: )

24-20 Big Blue...for this week only...GO BOMBERS!!!


Bombers - 27
Lions - 24

Hmmm. Two starters out of Winnipeg’s offensive line and two starters returning to the Lions D – the first time the Lions D has been intact since the opening few games. The Bombers have a good defensive line, but they are going against arguably the best Offensive line in the country. On the plus side for the Blue, Glenn’s quick read and release will help offset what could be a mismatch in the trenches that favors the Lions, and I’m still not really sold on Jackson as a starting QB. Still, I will be really surprised if the Lions don’t take this one.

if ytour talking about saskatchewan, it may be a more hostile environment, but the rest of your comments are complete idiocy. we blew out sask in winnipeg, and at least put up a fight on LDC. they did nothing for you to say they are the better team

your just attempting to make your team seem better then it really is

JJ doesnt come close to keving Glenn. you bring up the last two games and last two games alone, what about the rest of the games of the season? why is kevin the leading candidate for MOP this season, when Jackson isnt even being mentioned?

i know i shouldnt expect much from you RLR, but this is just rediculous

i thought we would have at least a little mutual respect from BC fans, but i guess there heads are to far up there arses

oh well, we'll just have to beat you.......AGAIN

Lions Fans, 123James??

Since when is RLR plural?

This is a very good post. I think the O & D line on WPG are underrated by many. Just a couple weeks ago they were the best in the league IMO. With the injuries on the Oline right now, I admit BC has an advantage there. But Winnipeg's Dline is just as good as BC's.
If this game was played a couple weeks ago I would have been pretty confident in a Bomber win, but now I think that the Bombers are going to have to play a very good game to pull out a win tommorrow. limit the mistakes, and take advantage of what BC gives, and we'll hopefully come out on top.

I am with you on this one Neil. The bombers did not look good with Hamilton. They did not look like a first place club and I believe the Lions are going to blow them out.

its not just RLR, its the majority of the BC fans

i honestly thought you were a bombers fan cuz you were respectfull

its not just RLR, its the majority of the BC fans

i honestly thought you were a bombers fan cuz you were respectfull


I’m a CFL fan; I don’t live and die on the fortunes of any one team.
Go back and read the rest of the posts in this thread and then tell me who all the other Lions fans are who are purportedly talking trash about your Bombers. You can’t, can you. Okay, maybe Sporty. Everyone knows how vicious he can be.

I don't mind Winnipeg or their fans too much, but to say they are the best team in the CFL is a joke. You tell me where the Bombers would be with Dinwiddie starting half their games? They'd be in the basement. Lions have a better record and are defending GC Champs. Bombers are a good team no doubt but they haven't won anything yet, or for a while.