Lions vs Bombers

Big game on Friday.
I'm not as confident about this game as I was a few weeks ago. Our Oline and Dline were bullying other teams, and we were playing great ball. With Sheridan and probably Obby out for this game, I hope they can fight off BC's great rush. Add to this our D line is banged up as well, Glenn hasn't looked like the MOP, and Roberts is being under used.

All the recipes for a loss to a great team, but.....
While the Bombers haven't shown up for some of the games against the "lesser thans" they have played the top teams tough. Roberts will be pissed about being back of Smith and will want to make up some ground. A win against the top team would prove alot to these guys, and to fans across the country. I just hope they can come out strong, and not find themselves behind early!

Go Blue :thup:

We're going to have to find a replacement kicker for this one...I'm a bit worried about the special teams

We'll lend ya, our kicker...Roar..
The long hair guy of course.
Played a not bad game last outing..
No charge it's on us.

This should be a great game to watch.

Don’t the Lions have a guy on the roster that can do special stuff like throw and/or kick if needed? would the name be Brett Anderson? or am I out to left field on this one?

No you're right, but Brett is more of an emergency type guy. Not a very good punter but can do everything fairly well.

Bring it on Peggers. It could be a preview of the grey cup and should be very exciting now that we are firing on all cylinders. Geroy versus Stegall (the touchdown Regal love that name). Roberts versus Big Joe Smith. Wake and Johnson versus Mr. Canada. Jackson versus Glenn. I can't wait for the game. Good luck and no whining from either team like the sissy Riders fans.

I'm putting my money on the Lions, JJ has really put it together and Winnipeg looked ordinary against the Argos and Ticats.

With Dickenson starting I'd say the Lions win by 10. Now that we have Jarious as our starter I'd say the Lions will win 24-20.

I think it may be even closer than that

BC wins 34-17

hondo book has Winnipeg -3. What do the real bookies say?

Home field will play big here IMO. It's payback time for BC, but they'll be in a hostile environment and JJ ain't no Kevin Glenn. Not by any stretch.

You're right. But lately, he's been playing better than Kevin Glenn.

Week 14 Stats:
Jarious: 23/28, 307 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT, 5 rushes for 35 yards
Glenn: 11/29, 1 TD, 2 INT, 3 rushes for 7 yards

Last week JJ won in a much more hostile environment against a better team than Winnipeg. You're right about JJ not being Kevin Glenn, he's better. He's our third-stringer and he has his team first in the CFL. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

JJ is your first string QB
Don't count on Dave...he's third string...
Buck has been gone to long....
That leaves JJ vs the Bombers D Line...
Let the Cannons Roar..

You just made three statements that are subject to be picked apart. Calgary "better"? Maybe, but I don't think so right now. Calgary more hostile? Maybe. I'm just a dumb Yankee, but somehow I doubt that. Those Bomber fans are going to go ape$hit, if you know what I mean. JJ better than Glenn? Not. Even I've seen enough to know better, albeit much of that by watching him at Notre Dame. Sorry.

Should be a good one, anyway.

Winnipeg 28 BC 23

You heard it here first, my friend. :slight_smile:

The challenge for Winnipeg will be to keep the Lions out of the backfield, they will have a new first time starter in the tackle postion and that is where the lions will try to take advantage. The bombers D line should be able to keep Joe Smith in check which will put much pressure on JJ's arm. I am not totally convinced that his arm alone will beat the bombers d who have played better in the last few weeks with the addition of Charlton and Bolden. If Roberts can run the ball with any type of success against the Lions the bombers have a chance, otherwise the Lions will take this close game 27-21.

Hopefully it's a good game.

For this game only... Go Bombers!

I meant two weeks ago, in Saskatchewan. I thought that was obvious but I guess not.

JJ is our first string QB due to injuries from the other two.
Dave is no-string, he is injured.
Buck demolished the Bombers last season.
JJ has put up better numbers than Glenn lately, and the Lions have a better D Line than Winnipeg.
Let the silence in visitors stadiums continue.