Lions vs Bombers game thread - August 21, 2009

Agree buddy I dont why they think MARSH is good, he is small and never makes any INT’s—

He was never good, he turns around runs with the receiver in a trail technique and does not look for the ball ever. His mind is not on football, he is thinking of life after football. He needs to be sent packing–

George is so small also, he just is too small and weak- He gets called for penalties because he is so small and has to climb receivers backs to make plays—

Korey Banks should be starting halfback, this Darren TONEY I think is a bust also—

The main problem with the Lions is that their coaching staff comes up with shitty gameplans. They get outcoaches, their schemes are old and dont work with the personnelle they have.

Pass the crow please . . .

Well, all I can say is. . . I saw it. So I believe it.

But I'm in a bit of a state of shock. The run D for BC was brutal. Why was Benavides being considered for a head coaching position last offseason????

I've seen some bad Lions' D's over the years but this game, or as a matter a fact, this season is brutal. Lions better turn it around or they'll be missing the playoffs.