Lions vs Bombers game thread - August 21, 2009

Bombers lead the leaque in interceptions with 16 , lions appear to be second with 9 so it looks like Mallets name will be be called frequently , on the other side Reid will play a large part ,and what we need is our D halfbacks to make tackels and add with a big hit ,Toney made a good hit last game but Phillips just does not want to get in the mix, for 3 years now i have noticed that he does not want a scratch on his helmet there has been so many times the opposition gets a first down because of second effort and he slowed up instead of adding to the tackle. keep a eye out for this , you'l see it once you watch for it.

35 lions 21 bombers

Winnipeg will have their work cut out for them to win this game. J Jackson was AWESOME last week, mind you it was against the lowly Argos. Wally is arguably the best coach in the CFL, but if he pulls another boner move like last week and insert #3 QB, then look out for the Bombers. Let`s face it BC have to be the favorite at home! However Michael Bishop and many of the Bombers may have their jobs on the line, so I look for big things from Bishop and company. I see a high scoring game won by a Winnipeg FG with no time on the clock.

Bombers 38 Lions 36

Man, you really have to admire optimism.

The Bombers' offence so far this season, in seven games, has scored a grand total of 125 points, averaging just over 17 points a game.

So a prediction that they'll score 38 points in one game? Against BC, in BC?

I'll believe it when (if) I see it. . .

Well Jarious is starting. So, I guess we get to see if Jarious is a starter or not. (Really I'm not basing this off of one game, considering he has started a number of games- in the past.

Still, obviously, I hope he kicks ass.

I had a big long post but then I changed my mind and decided this summed up the game best.

The positives that the Lions can take away from this game.... nothing.

Winnipeg, last in there division I think, and BC is getting destroyed. BC Lions came out strong, touchdown on there first drive, I thought from there on BC was going to kick ass. But no.. I'm going to the game September 4th, against Montreal, its going to be fun watching them get there ass kicked if they keep playing like this...

the offense had it going, they were playing good. but the defense is doing horrible. the defense cant stop the bombers running play! every single they pretty much got a first down! even the defense coordinator is getting angry. if BC defense could of picked it up and did better, this would of been a totally different game and i guarantee you hands down BC would of won. sure the offense might not of been doing so good later on, but i think the lack of the defense brought down the energy and excitement of the offense and made them lack.

Geroy Simon has barely got any throws, when you watch the replays he is always open! The QB's never look in his direction! Do they not like him or something lol? Like Buck throws to him sometimes, but not as much as he should. But JJ like NEVER throws to him.

LOL madjack, you just got proven wrong, saying bombers never get 38 points, well look, the game isn't over yet and they have 44 points. You got proven wrong h-core, haha.

sorry for making another thread, but BC lions defense.. EMBARRASSING. all i can say, off this damn site for the night, im upset with the lions. goodnight!

fuck b.c.

never mind not 44 points, they got them taken off because of a dumb didn't come off 3 times penalty. but still, 37 points, pretty dang good, 1 point off 38. but i have to say one thing, DAMMIT BC, PULL IT THE FUCK TOGETHER.

6 turners, 3 interceptions from JJ, all im gonna say is, I think its obvious who starter should be when Buck is better. that's all i have to say, good day.

Those are some big ass holes their running through. We need help...bad. The book is out on us. Run, your running back, full back, hell rush the QB a few times for some back breakers, just run run run.

yes, they are, BIG HOLES. we need MAJOR help. Defense SUCKED.

Second worst team in the league (Toronto has that honour)... We need help defensively and need a quarterback (where are you Casey Printers). The experts picked the Lions to be a 9-9 team and so far they look right on track. Dave Ritchie should step in as defensive coordinator as we need help.

???? When was the last time Dante Marsh was noted for something other than being burned?
???? When was the last time Tristan George did something other than take a penalty?
???? When was the last time Glatt Made a Tackle without being dragged or pushed for a first down?
??? When was the last time Phillips did anything other than Ball Hawk?
Thabnk god for Miles, Johnson, and Foley or tonights game would have been a blowout.


Buck is medicore at best
Jackson is more hot and cold than a lower mainland summer
Lulay is greener than the sewage off Jericho beach

So who should be the starter?.....oh wait we don't have a number 1 quarterback.... just 3 number 2's

Plays are called by the offensive co ordinator....Drop Jacques Chapdelaine........I guess as a former "receiver" ( I use the term loosely) Jacques has no use for a seasoned vet who can get open and catch almost anything thrown his way. Maybe if Simon dropped a few more passes he would be in Chapdelaine's class and get more action.