Local blackout in effect and Jason Clermont is the man.

Let's talk amongst ourselves 8)

Same crappy play calling and a secondary thats in disarray!!
This isn't the Bomber team I believed would be finishing first or at least fighting for it in the east!
Something has to give!!! :x

Looks like we got the good Jarious playing tonight. Geroy is finally playing his game again. Looks good, though I won't make any predictions till the final gun. This is the CFL after all.

Pretty quiet start to the season for Charles Roberts.

Simon TD.......28 to 5....Big problems in this bomber secondary.

Jarious Jackson's looking sharp. Second TD to Simon.

Excuse me,, ENORMOUS PROBLEMS in this bomber secondary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a QB whos forgotten how to hit a receiver!!!
Here comes DINWIDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uhg. This is ugly. What's up with the Bombers? I know B.C. would be back and tough but the Bombers are folding like cheap suitcase.

5 TD passes for Jackson! :slight_smile:

Wow I almost took Winnipeg tonight. Thats more like the Lions tonight or is Winnipeg that bad?

i rushed home to catch the second half and for THIS?!?!

the Bombers Suck.

There's still time in the 3rd quarter. Why aren't the Bombers running a no huddle offense?

Congratulations Lions! This team looks like the BC Lions. But what happened to Winnipeg?

What's happened to Winnipeg?? The question of the season so far! It's starts from Berry and continues on down :thdn:

Unbelievable. The BlueBombers have completely bombed! The Lions have eaten em up!!! :cowboy:

Id like to see Champion in the game here for BC

Nice to see the effort the Lions put out tonite with what has happened this week.

Yah Champion got 4 seconds of playing time now he has a reason to shower.

With Glenn playing so bad and Dinwiddie looking pretty good ( yea i no the game was already out of reach ).

So now who gets the start next week?

I would start Glenn but have him on an extremely short leash and as soon as he begins to struggle, put dinwiddie in.

The Bombers looked really really bad tonight. They may be the ticats of the last few seasons

Lookout, the Lions are back.