Lions vs Argos

I think you are right, he will try to re-coup some of his losses. CFL is a lost cause in Toronto, signing Ricky Ray was supposed to sell tickets but no difference. Looks like less than 20k in the stands again today.
At least the Bills game at Rogers Centre is sold out already. So we know Torontonians love their football, only thing is it's not Canadian football!

Turnover for B.C. at the Argo 20 yard line - leads to TD by Foster from Lulay....7-0 B.C.

:lol: :lol:

Owens got moon-goosed on that kick-off play..two plays later Ray is picked off at the line - FG.. Lions lead 10-0

Looks like the Ref was bought off by the US. Definetly helped the Americans get the tying goal. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Nice of the Argos to show up today. :roll:

Damn! That was a nasty hit! :smiley:

Wow. Let's see Lewis get that high. :lol:

The sun from the open dome doesnt look too good on tv. All good tho! Cheering for argos they have had a rough couple years.

Big hit by the D, hurdle by Inman, momentum starting to shift, and the Argos blow it with a dumb time count penalty. :roll:

That was absolutley a brutal call

Could have been avoided - snap of the ball...Lions caught off side, but no can do.

No flag for a shove out of bounds? :roll: Why don't they just play without officials.

Ray picked AGAIN, Parker burns his old team for 6!!

Then it is negated by a Lions off side call...... ugh!

Penalty or not that's still his 3rd pick today. Not good.

Thank God for the off-side call, otherwise this one could've quickly turned into a blowout.

Did they seriously cut away in the middle of a penalty? :expressionless:

Conduct penalty Toronto...

LMAO.... all that running again.. .for nothing!!

Blew is killing themselves!!

We've argued extensively about 2 kick return touchdowns with "illegal blocks" worse than that and that gets called? This a joke. This game is almost unwatchable because of these clowns!