Lions vs Argos

Both teams are playing good ball; running game/passing game, intrigued one could say.

It should be a close game.

I honestly can’t call this game. My heart says ARGOS but my head says , B.C.

When I pick my teams to win , however , in just of the case with the ARGOS my heart always wins.

Lets hope that the ARGOS attendance will be better but it is a tough sell on a 3 day week-end in Ontario because of Simcoe Day and Caribana , is going on in , Toronto.

The game is on at 5 PM est , just after the London Games coverage. So that my help.

The Caribana 3 day festival , brings in 1 million tourists to , Toronto.

At least the T.V. ratings are excellent. :thup:
Now , only if those T.V. numbers can translate into more bums in the R.C.?
22,300+ is not good enough.

Oh oh!!! You mentioned the Argos and ratings. The MikeM troll will soon arrive !!! :wink:

I see the Leos winning this one but who knows with the Argos, they are looking like a team this year I will say and are playing half decent.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

That person is a piece of work. :lol:

He seems to know things that all of the other posters here , the CFL Commish and the NFL Commish. , do not know.
I will give him some credit. He is consistent. He doesn't believe any one except for himself and he is also consistently wrong. :wink:

With most of the CFL teams , one can not say who is going to win any game this year.
Most of the teams are really close to each other.

Teams are so close together this's always going to be a close call...I'm flipping a coin this year...of course it's a BC coin!

I will be interested to see what the attendance is for this game. I think sometimes people don't take into consideration what other events may be going on that mite keep people home from the games
There has been a lot of gripping about the attendance early in the season i am not making excuses but there are factors. early in the season there was that tremendous and still somewhat of a heat wave going on certainly like people do not wont to sit in sub zero temperatures they do not want to pass out from heat exhuastion either.
Also currently there is the Olympics on TV so there are many people staying home and TV ratings for the CFL were up over 800,000 avg last week and with people switcing back and forth the end of CFL games attract extra viewers as the final minutes of several games were up over 1 million in TV ratings.
The point being is that people are watching the CFL if not at the game then on the TV. The CFL may be on a pace to average over 1 million a game exxch week labor day weekend and after. That will certainly bide well with the new TV deal negotiations. Each team currently receives 1.8 million in revenue which at the time was awesome for CFL teams but the TV audiences nearing the 1 million average per game TSN will need to begin to pay up and rightfully so
So when checking for attendance check for tV tatings also to see how many are watching and the CFL should be able to use these numbers to get a blockbuster TV deal with TSN with record breaking revenue coming from TV.

The CFL is in a good place and is on its way up

I don’t know, I don’t care about the attendance nearly as much as actually watching this game, as well as others in an 18 game schedule, and see the outcome. This isn’t baseball with 160 some odd games, every game is so much more important in an 18 game schedule. Attendance, well, that’s a side story IMHO. Baseball, really with some 80 home games in a laid back sport, snoozer-ville.

I agree with you 100%

Every market is different. In the Toronto / Hamilton area 10s of thousands of people go away to their cottages on and camping on week ends especially during 3 day week ends like the one in Ontario this week end.

As , I have already written the annual Caribana Festival is this long week-end with the 50th Anniversary of Jamaca's independence is on this , MONDAY.

People often talk about Toronto's large population but they fail to realize that 51% of ALL of Toronto's population is made up of people from other countries who never grew up with the CFL and / or have never seen a CFL football game.
They know and like other sports like soccer and kricket.

Roger's gives the ARGOS the absolute worst days to play. Having the false perception of an NFL team coming to Toronto doesn't help ARGO ticket sales either. Neither do Bills in Toronto , games . Why should any one invest their time , emotion and money into some thing that will not be here in a couple of years?

Lastly , the ARGOS have done their own damage to themselves in the last 4 years by playing boring football , 0 promotion and having a lousy team. :thdn:

The good news for the future is that people in the Southern Ontario market are watching CFL games in droves. :thup:

Those great T.V. ratings have to translate into more bums at the Roger Center or in , Hamilton.
Montreal , has it's own problems.

Also good news is that owner BRALEY , is in this for the long term.

He knows what the Southern Ontario CFL market is up against [having owned Hamilton , at 1 time] and he has very , very deep pockets.

Now the ARGOS have a great owner and CEO , more promotion and a better and more exciting team.
However , his 5 year plan will not happen over night. It worked in B.C. and it should work in Toronto but it will take time.

Selling out the GREY CUP was a great start. The T.V. ratings are excellent , even for the summer. :thup:

Every city has the same issues, Cottages, summer festivals and etc... If your a fan, you will figure out a way to attend. Tomorrow,s game is in Toronto at 5 pm. The schedule has been out for months, so no excuse. Leave the cottage 2 hours early!

Argos attendance is going up weekly and so are the TV ratings in that market. They are bringing their fans back. I'd much rather see a real growth than doing it through give aways. I see bright things in the Argos future.

No question Hf. :thup:

I went to a game at the dome last season when these 2 teams were the worst in the league. The lions won that game and began their legendary turn around. It was also the last time we saw chump lemon :lol:

This year, these teams are 2 of the best in the league.

What a difference.
I'm heading to the dome today. Hope the game is much better than the one last year :smiley:

The Argos are a better team in all aspects of the game right now. Go Argos.

What makes you so sure of that?

My take is that Brayley dumps the Argos after his payday for hosting this year's Grey Cup. Especially if Toronto can make it to the Grey Cup - - then Brayley can look like a hero for saving the Argos & the CFL.

BC is Brayley's team, he's just babysitting the Argos for the short term and once the Grey Cup money is cashed it's bye-bye Brayley.

I'll be pulling for the Argos. I'd like to see them win the East this year. :thup:

Football Game on TSN 2; Soccer USA/Canada on the regular for now, so go Canada and the Argos :rockin:

That was a helluva hit for the pick. :o

CFL ref did the USA Canada game !