Lions vs Argos

Off to the game tonight.....go Leos go

also, one more thing.
Anybody know if roof will be open or shut tonight?
Argos and Rogers Centre no help in this matter

not to sure, i will be traveling to the okanogan this afternoon, does anybody know what radio satation you turn to to get the lions game in kelowna.

my prediction bc 35 toronto 20

there are a few you listen to
kelowna 1150 am
penticton 800 am
kamloops 610 am
in between just surf the am dial and you will be able to pick up signals here and there
princeton, hope etc

They certainly don't seem to like playing with Jackson at qb or at least in looks that way.

how come is it they keep saying we clinched a playoff spot?
do the playoffs work differently this year?

last time i checked edmonton has 5 games left, and theyre only 4 points behind us
any of us top 3 teams could go lose a game or 3, if we lose 2 and the eskies win 2 well hmm
we'd be 9-7 and they'd be 9-6

on the score and tsn theyre like ya with the argos loss, the stamps clinch im like wtf?
since when does the east have anything to do with the west standings unless they're playing a team from the west
or someone from the west's standings are indirectly affected by it.

would have made more sense if the argos won and they said with the lions loss, the stamps clinch, but even that wouldnt
make sense to me when the eskies can still catch everyone.

i know i'll get slammed but maybe someone can throw an answer in there somewhere too, thx

There are four games remaining...the top three teams in the west make it to the west playoffs, and now, because the Argos can manage no more than eight wins total, if one of the three west teams currently at 9-9 slides to fourth place in the division, they automatically make the crossover spot, as they have a better record now than the Argos could hope to achieve by the end of the season. Therefore, all three west teams at 9-9 have clinched a playoff spot.