Lions vs Argos - official game thread

Share your thoughts, opinions, and predictions for Saturday night's game versus the Toronto Argonauts.

Can't believe tomorrow night is the Lions final regular season home game. Where did the season go?

Really liked what I saw from Charles Roberts last week and expect another big night from him against an Argos defence that gives up a ton of yards on the ground.

Roberts: 140 yards rushing 2 TDs.
Wake: 2 sacks

Lions 33
Argos 20

Attendance: 38,320

I agree - the season's flown by too quickly for sure. Some really great football games this year (from all teams).

I, too, was impressed by Roberts last game...good to see him finding his groove here.

Sad that I have to miss this one....should be crazy down there with a Canucks' game at the same time.


Can't make the big game tonight. :frowning: Getting ready for a move. Any chance of no blackout? Would love to catch a little action. If not, I will listen on CFUN . Anyways, now it gets serious, Kudos to everyone on the forum this year. The support for our team has been enormous. Lets keep it going throughout the playoffs, no matter where or who we play. We've got the goods to get it done. Go Lions !

Let’s put the boots to the Argo’s. Keep the momentum going and build on it. :rockin:

Good game last night. Still room for improvement. Hope Buck gets well - will be interesting to see how much action he sees against Calgary. Nice job filling in J.J. Sorry to see Roberts get hurt - he could have been very valuable come playoff time with his experience and if needed, playing in cold weather. Hope Logan gets er done. Tighten the ship up a bit and we will be O.K.
I will be at the Calgary game cheering you on… Go Lions Go! :rockin: