Lions vs Alouettes Sept. 8

Great game, Lions look strong. Took a bunch of photos: ... pt-8-2012/

First time this year when the Lions bet their opposition in ll three phases. The Argonauts from the center of the universe are in Vancouver next week. My suggestion to the guys in double blue: stay at home and mail us the two points. YOU ARE GOING DOWN, RICKY

A frequent trend is that when a team wins overwhelmingly, it normally wins again next week. BC victory against Toronto might be less lopsided though because of letdown.

Lions look like the team to beat at the moment.

For the first time this season the Lions looked like Grey Cup contenders and better still, repeat champions. I'm glad the win was against the Als [not for example the Bombers] otherwise we might have figured we won not because the Lions were playing well, but because of who they were playing.

The Lions D faced a very intelligent QB and shut him down for three full quarters. Brown was awesome and it is about time he was able to finally break some runs wide open. Accolades to the down field blocking by the specialty team. E. Jackson is a keeper. This guy pounds the opposing D and his hands are like ball magnets. I cannot say enough about Arland Bruce. When he's not being thrown the ball he is sacrificing his body by blocking. This guy is money in the bank. Not only was this game a great win but it is cause for celebration because I'm not as concerned as I was before the game about the Lions playing at what appeared to be only 70% of their potential.

David Braley (born May 31, 1941) is the owner of the B.C. Lions and Toronto Argonauts teams of the Canadian Football League. On May 20, 2010, he was appointed to the Canadian Senate where he sits as a Conservative...

He cannot double dip the referees for this one can he? who will he tell to advantage???....poor guys they won't know who to shit on for this one....

My bet is..cant really decide he wants both in GC against team....this is climax ain't it ?

All said and done, after 2 weeks with the Als, the referees got flag elbows from last Saturday...they shall be either nice or at least really confused with this one. And my friend Jake (love him so much) at the control centre inTO, will have difficulties with any brain cramp like the one he had Firday 31st in MTL overtuning a confirmed fumble by BC receiver.....that gave a nice 3 points to Wally's team.

Come on, 20 21!!! They even flagged the fake placement kick....only to remove it after....because there was obviously no penalty on this one....they just wanted to make sure...just in case....Ridiculous.

I will always remember staying up until 1AM one Friday night in 2009, wher we lost 19-12 in BC.....didn't Cobourne scored a TD with 30 secs to go...that was overturned again, by some strange "unvolontary" whistling just after no 6 passed the line of scrimmage....and of course we lost. A black eye to the CFL as a whole.

BC is certainly a great place where to live, but certainly not where to play football for the Als.

After watching games with BC for the past 12 years, not only with MTL but any other team....yes indeed, strange things happens at BC Place always in favor of host team.