lion's uniforms

is it just me, or does anybody else dislike the uniforms the Lions wore in the West final? The jerseys were ok, but those helmets look like they were stolen from Clemson University...and they have crappy unies as well. Personally, for the Grey Cup I'd like to see the Lions in their white jerseys, orange pants and white kit we've ever had!

I love the orange & black, especially the helmets. I hope they wear them on Sunday. I did read elsewhere that when they packed up, they packed their orange helmets.

I personally like the old look.
But, as an Als fan, I have to say that—based on their performance this year—the Lions could show up wearing flourescent pink and still look awesome.
One hope Montreal has on Sunday is if B.C. is too cocky...and I don't think Buono is going to let that happen.

Great post! The only time I can get excited about clothes is debating team uniforms.I like all the Lions jerseys and was happy they got rid of the black ones of the 1990s. Black only works on the Raiders.
The home orange is the best, its unique (only BC has it)and looks great at BC Place, be it on the field or in the stands. The retro jersey is okay but you are right, the orange helmet looks gaudy next to the white. That paw logo is pretty tough though.
I think they have the best jerseys in the league and I'd much sooner sport Lions gear than that Free Willy garb.

I like the orange helmets better than those white ones. I also like the Black & orange better as well.

I love the unis from Sunday. The only thing I am not too fond of out of all the Lions equipment is the white helmet with the paw. The orange helmets are great and I also like the white helmets with the lions logo.

black jerseys with white helmets

Personally I really liked the uniforms on Sunday.

black uniforms are the best. I have a orange Simon Jersey and i like it. so waht im saying is the lions look great in anything just the best in black and the orange helmets are great too.

I agree with the orange helmets. And the orange "circle of trust" shirts underneath? Cool.

The orange and white combo, with the white helmet is much better IMO.