Lions' TV Blackout

Do you think they will televise the game locally on July 10 having already sold 90% [25 000] in tickets? How soon would they announce that the blackout has been lifted and which network would show it? Unfortunately its impossible for me to get to this game. Congrats to all you lucky dogs who are going.

I think they will deffinatly lift the black out with alrady 25,000 sold. That is a given so all you fans out there that can not get to the game Next Sat night it will be lifted. That is the thing when you have only 27,000 seats.

IM GOING!!! WOOOHOOO!!! -- im betting they will lift most of the blackouts this season as empire only holds what 27.9k ? --- BC place could always house more bodies, but they'd never fill it ( except near capacity during grey cups @ like 59k )--