Lions trade rights to QB Vernon Adams to MTL for 2017 1st

Huge gamble by Popp

BC LionsVerified account
BREAKING: #BCLions trade rights to QB Vernon Adams Jr. to Montreal for 2017 1st round pick.

Amazingly that gives Montreal 7 QBs (Boyd, Bridge, Cato, Crompton, Glenn, Burko, Underdahl) on the roster, even before an Adams signing

surprising move given Vernon's upside.. Buono must be quite confident with Jennings as the long term future of the Lions.
Vernon's skills/attributes are ideal for Canadian football and if mentored properly could be a star for the Als similar in makeup to Tracy Ham.

It's a bit nuts how many QBs they have under contract right now. With camps starting in a week or so, could they really bring that many QBs to camp? It would hugely impact the number of reps each one would get, far from an ideal situation. Maybe one or two are let go before or after rookie camp so as not to have as many when main camp opens. Or is the QB position Popp's Achilles' heel?

Sounds like Vernon Adams and the Lions weren't seeing eye to eye, maybe he was looking for a quicker path to a starting job than what the Lions could offer.

Farhan Lalji @FarhanLaljiTSN
Adams wanted a 1+1 deal which @GM_Brillo wasnt interested in. Plus a lot more $ than a rookie level deal. Plus Jennings isn't going anywhere

[b]Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN
Very good decision by @BCLions for potential #3 QB. Couldn't get a contract done. He could be a great one. We'll see

CFL News @CFL_News
Are the #AlsMTL going to have to turn someone loose in order to sign Vernon Adams and w/ his contract demands? #CFL

Dave Campbell @Dave_CHED
Vernon Adams is spoken about very highly in #CFL circles. That being said, this is very risky move for the Alouettes.[/b]

Brillo? Who is that?

Wally Buono

This is for neg rights only, he isn't even under contract.
He could go to the Arena League tomorrow or wait and get invited to NFL camps
He has already PO'ed Buono, what if his demands go up on Popp

interesting tidbit…

CFL News ?@CFL_News
A reminder…in '96, Calgary traded a starting Cdn to Toronto for a neg list QB. His name? Dave Dickenson. #CFL

from Vernon Adams twitter account

Vernon Adams Jr.Verified account
Can't wait to get to Montreal. #Alouettes Thank you God.

Lots of talk on Twitter about the Riders looking into a deal to get Rakeem Cato from Montreal now.

Oh yea, season is coming up and teams are moving!

Good move by Jim Popp; I doubt that he would give/trade a 2017 first round choice , before knowing if he could sign him. On Als site we read that "he should arrive in Montreal in the next days"


its a lose situation for mtl no matter what. If this guy proves to be any good, he will bolt to the nfl at first chance, cause that is clearly where he thinks he belongs.

Very good indication that Crompton is on his way out and the team has doubts about Cato, Bridge, and Boyd.

Popp wouldn't do this type of trade, especially for a 1st round pick, if he didn't already know Adams would sign.

He must be pretty damn good for a 1st rounder, considering most neg list rights trades are for 5th+ rounders.

Means trouble in riverside city.

Boyd was already here in Winnipeg and shown the door. I'd look at Bridge though. Looked like he could be something with a couple more years under his belt.

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
Adams didn’t want to commit to a three-year deal and likely was unhappy w/ $ being offered by #BCLions. - @HerbZurkowsky1 #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
When it became apparent Adams wouldn’t sign with B.C., @GM_Brillo called @CoachJimPopp - @HerbZurkowsky1 #CFL #AlsMTL #BCLions

CFL News ?@CFL_News
RT .@DidierRDS
Jim Popp said the Alouettes actually tried to trade for Vernon Adams before the draft. #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
RT .@DidierRDS
According to Jim Popp, several other teams were interested in Vernon Adams. #CFL[/b]

This is a great signing by Popp. Surely Popp knew about Vernon from scouting the NCAA last season and, was quick to contact him. Vernon is well worth a first draft choice next season.

Wow, how many friggin' QB's does this team need ? They can't keep them all , I see a house cleaning and a possible trade in the works in Montreal and a release or two before T.Camp opens up in a few weeks. It's hard to believe that after years and years of stability at QB in Montreal with Calvillo at the helm the Sh!t show that has happened there since he retired.

So what? A draft pick is 1+1 then he goes to free agency just the same.