Lions trade for rec/ret Terry Williams

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions announced a big boost to the special teams on Sunday, as they have acquired American wide receiver/kick returner Terry Williams in a trade with the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

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I guess we can thank Dedmon for this trade. Good to see the Lions are addressing a component of their game that has been substandard so far this year.


I'm sad to see him leave Ottawa. I wish they'd tried to incorporate Williams into the offense more. He can make things happen out there. Lions fans should be excited.


Yeah. In my observation the Lions had by far the worst kick return game in the league and that was the worst aspect of their team I thought. Even when healthy Shai Ross looked to be a step behind every other returner. A great move for BC.


I was just trying to think of a great Lions return this year & came up blank. At best Ross was dependable but he never could seem to break one open. 'Electric' he wasn't. I see he's on the IR right now, but I wonder if he still has a future with the team. We'll see, I guess.

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Just noticed this article is word for word the same as 3Down's. Have I been missing something?

Look a wee bit deeper. The Elks have had the worst return game in the past few years now. Last in punt return avg, (BC 8th), last in KR avg (BC was actually 4th, tied with Bombers). Elks were also last in Big Play Returns with ZERO. BC was 5th. So they definitely could use a returner but they weren't in the most need of one.

Of the top of my head though, Jon, I can't recall a recent year where there have been so many trades going into Labour Day. :sunglasses:

BTW those stats are from last year. :sunglasses:

I didn’t look at stats. Just used the eye test. I haven’t seen anything from BC this year resembling a return threat, except the odd time Lucky was back there. Come to think of it I haven’t seen much of a return threat from Edmonton either, but was commenting on BC because of the trade.

I can't remember a year where we have had so many trades during the Season.

What happened to the Oreo dunk guy?