LIONS tough Decision to make when JOHNSON returns

The Lions are facing an interesting situation with their IMPORT receivers this season. It seems that NICK MOORE is not the answer, while he can run decent routes, his hands are not that great, and he is not a playmaker. ERNEST JACKSON came in and provided the LIONS with a TD and a 4 catch 87 yard performance and was the leading receiver for the game--

The LIons have been trying to get ERNESTJACKSON in the lineup for a while and he has proved so far that he is living up to the hype--
KIERRE JOHNSON the deep threat and speedster broke his arm but will be back in 5 weeks I believe- Him and JACKSON essentially play the same spot on offense---

This is going to be tough to sit down JACKSON and go with JOHNSON or VICE VERSA--- THe LIons would be a lot more lethal downfield with both YOUNG RECEIVERS in the lineup with BRUCE FOSTER and GORE and IANNUZI--

There comes a time when a team has to make tough decisions- THere comes a time when players reach an age that they can no longer PERFORM at the level that they are REQUIRED to play to keep their spot- I believe its clear from the last season and also from this season that GEROY SIMON is finished- He has done nothing but drop about 50% of passes thrown his way--

Case in point- The loss to Edmonton was because he VOLLEYED the ball right to the Edmonton DB after getting hit by a small DB who was only 5'9- The ball hit him right in the hands and he INEXUCASABLY volleyed the ball in the air like he was not expecting contact--

  • The Lions early TD vs Argos , they lined up SIMON 1 on 1 and he ran a quick slant and caught the ball easily and then as soon as the CONTACT came the ball again comes FLYING out of SIMONS hands and HARRIS recovers the fumble in the endzone which was ruled INCOMPLETE after review- AN easy completion and catch results in another drop--

-Simon ran a corner route perfectly vs calgary Db Quincy Butler and BUTLER needed about 3 strides to be right in Simons hip pocket and them SIMON gave up on the ball- SIMON has no burst and will not dive or extend for a ball. He quickly makes up his mind whether he can catch a deep ball or if its thrown too far he just stops running. Again he ran a perfect route, LULAY threw the corner, simon stopped running as the DB caught up to him in a matter of 3 strides despite being initialy beaten by SIMON.

Vs Argos SIMON finishes with 2 catches for 26 yards, which seem to be his usual numbers- ITs clear that SIMON cannot get open deep anymore, he is not faster than any of the opposing teams Dbs- I have noticed on deep balls that the db's are easily able to catch up to him in a matter of 2 to 3 strides---

  • Late in the game in Saskatchewan its 3rd down and LULAY looks for SIMON on the IN pattern and the DB is practically in better position than SIMON and rejects the ball out of there and SIMON breaks his finger---

-THe real reason the LIONS lost back to back games is because LULAY was relying on SIMON as a # 1 target and ignoring other great reciever the LIONS have-- If you watch the replay of the ESKIMOS late interception, JOE BURNETT was covering Iannuzi and he left IANUZZI WIDE OPEN right in front of LULAY but LULAY threw to SIMON who was now DOUBLE COVERED, so even BURNETT knew that LULAY would try to throw the ball to SIMON in that spot--

THe real guys to throw in the RED ZONE are FOSTER HARRIS and BRUCE-- These are sure handed guys who are all PHYSICAL GUYS who also catch with thier hands nicely and can take contact--

SIMON is one of the greatest receivers in history but his SON is now playing for NAVY next season in NCAA, so its kind of time to think that he might be getting a little old to compete at this level considering he has always been a speed receiver and his speed is declining as he is 37 years old--

The Lions won the last 2 games and look at SIMONS stats -- He only had a few catches which meant the other STAR receivers all touched the ball---

I honestly think we should give SIMON the benefit of the doubt and see the next 5 games if he can get back to at least a SOLID RELIABLE RECEIVER-- IF he cannot do that then I think we should look at using both JOHNSON and JACKSON in the lineup as we know JOHNSON is a playmaker for sure, he has done nothing but score tds for the LIons and on HUGE PLAYS-

ITs going to come down to is SIMON better than ERNIE JACKSON at this point? WHo knows, but I do know that ERNIE JACKSON is young fresh and HUNGRY and he could be a LIONS receiver for the next 5 to 7 seasons---

THis is probably a coach's dream as the LIONS have too many talented receivers that someone will have to sit down- A guy like Paris Jackson would start on Winnipeg or Saskatchewan but cant crack our starting lineup--

Import receivers are important positions and we cannot waste a spot with SIMON if he cannot contribute- In any case the LIONS are a really smart team, I think after EDMONTON game the coaches must have talked and said okay lets stop making SIMON our offensive threat as he is not a threat anymore and use him as a possession receiver--- It has worked as the turnovers have stopped and the offense has looked better speading the ball around to BRUCE and FOSTER much more-