Lions to start Jackson @ QB

Poor Lions. They haven't had a consistent starting QB in a few years now... :lol:

I'm glad the failed experiment of having Travis Lulay start is over.

I'm not doing cart wheels over this move either. Im not a big fan of Jackson. He forces that ball (like Printers) into double coverage.

Boy, I miss Buck Pierce. (yeah, I know he's injured).

any word on when printers will be healthy enough to play?....thats the only way the lions will get a win.

I'm with you on that drummer.

Lulay so far has shown that he's not ready for prime time yet.

Jackson has had multiple chances over his career to take the #1 job and run with it and has come up wanting each and every time.

Last time out, he went 8 for 17, 99 yards, no TDs and one INT.

This is appreciably better than Lulay how, exactly ?

jackson is crap.
lulay isnt very good now, but atleast could be good in the future.
printers with a good o-line is amazing....unfortunately, the lions have a terrible o-line, thus rendering him average.

without printers, the lions are going to lose anyways, but i think the game time would benifit Lulay more than jackson.

Feel free to tout Lulay all you want as far as I'm concerned, but at this point I sure would give things a go again with Jackson with his upside and initial solid play to go with what looks to me like still an exceptionally strong arm.

Jackson's definitely the funnest of the three to watch IMHO, and the excellent Lions' receivers have a better chemistry with him too it appears, so we'll see.

Indeed if Printers were healthy of course he'd be the man and this thread would not exist, so let's not beat that point to death whether or not you are sold on him unlike me.

You are probably right , plus I don't think Jackson's shoulder is 100% ,see what happens when he takes a good shot to it although he was throwing ok against Calgary. Lulay is going to be the future of the Lions . Not sure if Chaps has a set of plays for lulay .

You are exactly right Chaps has not worked with Lullay before his offense is not designed for him were Jackson knows his plays and how to execute them better than Printers. Remember Jackson has been out for so long that teams might be thrown off by his play, Also remember that Jackson is usually good for about 2-3 games and then he needs to sit on the bench for a while, and then he comes back in and lights it up again, also remember i think that the longer Jackson sits on the bench the better he is in the long run, so i think this move should have been don after the Edmonton game. By the time Jackson wears down some of his magic Printers will be ready to go.

So this is the best move.

Jackson is best when he comes off the bench as most teams will not study game films of him . best bet is start lulay and interchange with Jackson on some plays .

The team looked a lot better with Jackson in there last game. Lulay is young and making mistakes, and the team needs to win now. The worst thing that can happen with the swap is more of the same.

The season isn't a writeoff yet, so they have to try. If it turns into a writeoff, put Lulay back in there and let him get some reps.

So your Eskimlo's have the same record with RR. So what's their excuse?

that is true, but we do need a quarterback to lead us to wins, and the playoffs.

Touchy, are we? Edmonton's excuse is piss poor coaching. But that wasn't really my point...