Lions to debut alternate jerseys against Hamilton on Friday

What do you guys think of the Lions new third jerseys? I quite like them myself.

Could you show me a pic? is the color black?

I love all the new sweaters...........but B.C. better win in those.

im looking foward to seeing how they look IN UNIFORM and not just on in a store window, like the pic that was posted here b4

They look really good and the large black paw mark on the white helmut is a keeper for sure.

The picture in the Province newspaper was in Black & White.

Can anyone confirm a rumour that 27,000 has been sold already and they are going to open the Upper deck again?

the black 3rd jersey needs the orange helmet...they looked too black and white in previous years.

Sportsmen, the upper bowl is open for this Friday's game. I am looking on ticketmaster and see the best uppers in section 39, row E. I am actually quite pissed off because I won 2 silver tickets to the game and they told me that upper bowl tickets are considered gold, and that the silver are sold out, so they gave me bronze seats. Do you think I should return the tickets and complain? Are upper bowl considered silver or gold?

Phone the Lions office instead of ticket master. Maybe with notice, they'll do a swap for you.

I'll be going with my son to the game Friday night so I'm looking for a loud, loud building!

Sportsmen, I'll be going with my girlfriend. I force her to go to Lions games with me :lol: I'm hoping for a big crowd. I went to the Eskimos game and the almost 36,000 people in BC Place made for a really fun, loud atmosphere. It just makes it that much more satisfying when the Lions win in front of a lot of people. How many do you predict for this Friday? Remember, walk-up crowd could be big too. I'm guessing between 31,500 and 32,500.

looking good in.................. B.C..............

It's amazing what good ownership and a good management team has in place.

I hate predicting crowds. I would have thought the Eskies would have drawn over 40,000 and all they got way around 36,000. Yeah, I was at the Edmonton game and it was great. I want to see a return to the crowds of the mid 80's . It was so loud, you had to scream at your seatmate to communicate. It was awesome.

32,000 seems reasonable.

Really liking the black third jerseys. Can't wait to see them on the field. I heard on Team 1040 that 27000 tickets had been sold so the upper deck is gonna be open

CKNW had it on their sportscast about the Upper deck too.

Sportsmen, I searched ticketmaster and now the two best seats you can buy for the game on Friday are in the upper bowl at the 10 yard line. This is GREAT news, because this means all the good upper bowl seats have been bought, and it looks like the lower bowl is sold out. Maybe only single seats remain for the lower bowl, because I searched for two tickets together and there are none available.

Things are looking AWESOME in.......... B.C. on and off the field.............but don't take the other CATS , lightly...............they played B.C. close the last time.........and now they have CHEETWOOD back and K. JONES.

I think that this game will be allot closer than people think.

I hope the Lions don't take the Ticats lightly either. They always play us tough, so it should be a great game. I'm actually hoping for a game that isn't too much of a blowout, because I'll be going to it and don't want to fall asleep in the first half! mean a blowout for the Ticats?.......

Ive already seen it...someone gave a link :smiley: was pretty cool..i cannot wait to see them in those excited!

on THESCORE....they just showed the lions practicing while WEARING the NEW, are they nice!!!