Lions ticket count

Any word on how many tickets sold/how many they are expecting at BC Place tonight against the TiCats?

why waste your money...bc wins, everybody knows it. people will save thier money for a better opponent.

I have season tickets :slight_smile: I just heard they are expecting a crowd of around 30,000. That would be a good one for a Thursday night against an 0-3 opponent without our starting QB.

What no sell out! Fickle fans! :roll:

Ya considering the population of Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland, we should have about 120,000 fans tonight at BC Place. We should start selling tickets on the roof of the dome.

Well I think you guys tried that and broke the roof or was that a storm. :lol: :lol: :lol:
By the way I picked the cats to win! :lol:

:( Why would you do that redwhite?

Because the Lions and the Tigers are cats right can't lose!

You might be on to something redwhite, very close game so far at halftime.

Ti-Cats were robbed.


As much as the spearing and pass interference call were questionable, the Cats had their chances to win the game. Hamilton put in a good effort, and with a few breaks they might just make things interesting in the East with a couple of wins.

that game was bullcrap thanks to the crooked zebras.

I know, I couldn't believe some of those penalties they called on the Lions. Seemed a little lopsided if you ask me.

Whenever there's a huge kick return, the referees automatically assume that there's an illegal block or hold. Ian Smart for Prime Minister. Talman Gardner for CFL Hall of Fame.

Agreed I think know body would have thought the game was going to be this close well with the exception of myself. Good game Tigercats great effort afew breaks and you would have beat the top team in the league.

FG instead of TD will usually result in a loss. :cowboy:

I would say that with each game the TiCats get stronger. This was a game they had a reasonable chance to win. Look for a win in Winnipeg next week, barring some sort of collapse.

Ticats are looking really strong. With Montreal struggling at 1-3, they still have a decent shot at making the playoffs (especially in this young season).

Look for a Ti-cat loss next week in Winnipeg.

Poor Hamilton Defence.. never saw it coming.

The biggest issue.. who is Malveaux going to cover? Brock? Gardner?

great game plan, don't let the other team know who your best Receiver is. lol, I love it.