Lions @ Ti-Cats

Time for a good ol’ cat fight!

Here’s to hoping it’s a good, entertaining game without any bs.

Go Lions!! this could be a great game :slight_smile:

I can't wait! I normally never get up this early on a sunday but today shall be a great day of Canadian football!!! :thup:

It's going to be a great day! Except for the fact that I have to miss the 4th quarter of the Lions game to play hockey... hopefully the game is well in hand by then.

Ti-Cats gotta win.. keep the East, the East...

No rule says you can't have a west team represent the east.

the rule of the Jungle in Hamilton says so!!!!


LOL.. see the sign in the background?

Hey BC.. my printers broken too!!...... Cats fans.. geniune comics!!!

Aaaaaaaaaand KICKOFF!!!

Now we're moving! I just hope we smarten up with all these damn penalties.

good first drive....but we need TDs not FGs. Next drive they will try to establish the run more. These teams are fired up.

The Cats can't really seem to move the ball. Oh darn!

Good game so far

Why is Rod Black yelling and screaming over a 45 yard FG in the 1st Q to make it 3-3 ? There has to be somebody better ?

We are not going to win this one on field goals...

If Hamilton keeps going 2 and out, yeah we will. I still prefer touchdowns of course.

Ya I will take any points at this stage

3 penalties on Rasouli already. Lions are playing much better than last week. Their O-line is their weakness :frowning:

The blow out could be a good thing. Teams always seem to play a better game the next time out.

Ya stupid little penalties are could hurt you in the playoffs and not expected to be coming from the vets...