Lions - Ti-Cats Game Day Thread

We’re having a (much needed) rainy Canada Day here in Hamilton - but the rain is expected to clear out by late afternoon. It is expected to be quite windy tonight for the game with winds predicted to be from the NW at 30 km/hr with gusts over 40 km/hr at game time…

I swear almost every game played at THF since it opened has been played in windy conditions.

Should be an easy game for Hamilton - - BC is one of the bottom feeders this year to along with Montreal and the Riders.

No game is easy in the CFL, that is one of the silliest things I have heard on here :oops:

Toronto had a pretty easy game last night when they boat raced the overmatched Riders.

LOL @ Hamilton Fan already making pre-emptive excuses.

Yeah.. The Argos looked awful... If they werent spotted 21 points they would have lost. The Riders were terrible, but played better than the Argos for 2/3 of the game

The outcome was never in doubt. Argos controlled the game from start to finish and as I said earlier, the Riders got boat raced.

Were you expecting Toronto's defence to hold the Riders to single digits? Expecting Ricky Ray to hang half a hundred on them?

Hamilton 75
BC -7 ...(yes that's negative 7)

#NoExcuses #GuranteedVictory #EasyWin

Glad y'all are taking us lightly! :rockin: I don't think it's going to be the cakewalk for Hamilton that it was last week against the Argos.

You guys obviously haven't been following the league very closely. The Lions are currently in the Top 3 Power Ranking and just upset the heavily favoured Stamps in a thrilling comeback win in front of over 21,000 hometown fans. The Lions OL and DL were DOMINATING against Calgary. The Stamps head coach said they couldn't run against the Lions so they gave up trying, not that should worry the Ticats because they have no running game. I'll bet Masoli will slip back and reveal why he's the QB we all thought he was. Lions vs Tigers, no contest. Let us Prey. :x

I hope everyone realizes that post was dripping in sarcasm.

BC slapped the Cats 40-13 last time they played, this won’t be an easy game but I am pretty confident Cats will come away with a win, won’t be too surprised if they don’t Lions defence looked real good last week will be a good test for Masoli and the boys.

I’m picking BC. Don’t see Masoli having another great game.

Well Aqualung you must be as " Thick as a Brick" if you are picking the Lions. :slight_smile: :wink:

Well with Lions and Tiger-Cats on the field we can expect a real "Bungle in the Jungle." :oops: :roll:

There's a certain Bungle on these forms that I wish WOULD get lost in a jungle. :wink: :rockin:

T-minus 3 and a half hours to kick-off. God I hate killing time on a game day waiting around for the action to start. Can't wait.......God !!!! is it 7:00 o'clock yet ? :rockin:

Fully agree Masoli is a terrible QB, so that's a huge break for BC not to be facing Collaros.

But the Lions are a very bad team. I give the "power rankings" ZERO credibility - - especially when it makes such a laughable statement that BC is a top three team.

Let's be honest - - the Lions lost their best Canadian who was also their best offensive player. That's a massive downgrade. Similar to the Riders in 2015. And everyone saw what happened in Regina last year.

I would first like to say Happy Canada Day to our neighbors.

I'm watching the game stateside on ESPN3 via the WatchESPN app. We're getting the SD feed, even though the commercial breaks are in HD. Hopefully this is an issue on the part of ESPN and not TSN. I haven't watched an SD feed of a CFL game since the now-defunct America One Television distributed the games. :?

Jays lost a 19 inning marathon. A wonderful day!!!

Are the commercials US based on ESPN or do they pickup the TSN commercials

The ESPN3 feed has a few weird commercials that it plays on a loop.
I’ve seen the Canadian commercials on other feeds and on CIS games though, and they are rather amusing.

Sometimes the CFL is their own worst enemy. Jays play a great game, thrill the crowds and hold an audience captivated for 6 hours. Ticats sell out and score 2 points in the first half. :thdn: