lions 20

need I say more?

yes, I do:
lions SU CK!


your stupid. period

one game in lousy weather... - nice o- line :thup: o and nice male cheerleaders thats really cool :thup:

at least our cheerleaders don't actually play the game 8)

Way to go. The Esks won a game against a fairweather team, that doesn't play in monsoon conditions well...
Oh and great game against the CFL's powerhouse Winnepeg Blue Bombers.


HAHAHA Edmonton has male chearleaders?? Now i know why all of you are so queer!

we kicked your ass, how do you exspect to win anything if you are a ''fair weather'' team..

Seeing as there are only 2 of the 8 stadiums in the league that are covered(Should I even count the skydome...), I don't see how this "fairweather" lions team is going to succeed. Nice try at an excuse 'KILLER' but it backfired.

I have to agree, being a fairweather team is NOT an excuse. The Leos have no excuse for last nights pisspoor showing…none whatsoever.

I obviously know the 'fairweather team' thing isn't an excuse, I was just pointing out how it didn't really work well for "KILLER".

Don't get too excited you got lucky, that does not meant anything, if you play like you did against Winnipeg next week it'll be a lnog day, and guess who you play next. Ask your male cheerleaders, ha ha, you guys are queer. Your DB's are gonna get grilled, so good luck your team is gonna need it. By the way were tied in the standings.

lol.....someone's a little bitter they got there ass beat down

hey bcfan, how did geroy do???

Were you guys bitter after you got spanked by Winnipeg?

nope..again you can keep bringing up winnipeg LOL..but after kickign your ass around last night. it feels great

Whatever you are smoking stop it, you won by 7 after losing by like 30 (edited for language)

The Eskie cheer team is a hell of a lot more interesting than a bunch of tramps who couldn't dance if their lives depended on it.

At least the Eskie squad has some real talent, something sorely lacking in all of the female only squads.

Ok... i don't know what world you live in... but a 7 point win is not kicking someones ass.... now a 36 point win..... THAT is an ass kicking...

Every team is going to lose games... but i'd much rather lose by 7 than lose by 36... thats right... THIRTY SIX POINTS.. your team has it's FIRST decent game this year and listen to you... all mouth... it's funny you guys were sooooo quiet after getting your asses handed to you last week... then all of a sudden after a win... and only a 7 point win and you can't shut up about "kicking our asses" HAHAHAHA... too funny...

The esks won and were the better team last night... but not by much... but look over the 4 games played so far and the Lions have been the better team... all you have to do is look at points for and against...

Your esks in 4 games have only managed to score a pathetic 69 points.. thats only 8 and 9 points more than Sask. and Cal. respectivly... and those 2 teams have only played 2 and 3 games respectivly... but after they finish their game today... the Esks. will be in LAST place for points scored.... and tied for last with Ham. for +/- with a -35 points...

So go ahead and run your mouth about beating us by 7 points... cuz i guess it's the only thing you can brag about so far this season... Have fun being the lowest scoring team in the leauge :lol:

Oh sh*t this guy is on fire.

Can someone tell this dumba$s that the ability to type bullsh it doesn’t even qualify you for primate status, and only in nightmares deems you “on fire”?, ok dumba$ shouldn't type bullsh it.......