Lions taking back door to the Grey Cup!!!!!!!!

In the worst season in recent memory for the BC Lions and finishing only slightly behind in the west division now we get to cross over in the east. Its not over girls.

Your Season will end next week ...

Eat Em Raw...

You have not beat Hamilton all year..

It could be a fight, but I doubt it... We're going in on only two good legs!

I'm a Lions fan.

This ALL depends on our QBs and who's healthy.... but there will be a ton of pressure on Hamilton playing their first playoff game in so long at home - which means they'll either choke or be extremely fired up. Having a guy like Otis Floyd should help them get fired up, vet who's been there.

All dependant on our QB and out DB's, they either play terrible, or play like ballhawks... never consistent this year.

...good for you ik17, Step One is admitting your problem in public...

I'm not gunna go Bomber fan style here and hang the grey cup banners in Hamilton right now. Here are the facts though.

BC benefits:
-Great coach
-Awesome receiving core
-Amazing RB
-Average-good defense
-Hamiltons first playoff game in a while

Hamilton benefits:
-4 game winning streak coming in
-Home field advantage (we're gunna be LOUD)
-BC may be fairly QBless
-Awesome defense
-Good RB
-average-good receivers
-Weak BC OL
-Good OL

Delusional is right… I feel for the Lions… Hey, Lions Fans, stock up on alcohol. You’re going to need it! :wink:

Lulay and Champion as the QB's, wow.

You should take the first step and stop being so cock-y all the time... there was a time when the Stampeder's were terrible too. Win one Grey Cup and you're the greatest team in the history of professional football.

I'm a diehard fan of my team but at least I show respect to other teams and fans... you on the other hand have no class at all.

Ditto for EE against Calgary, LOL!!!

...sorry I hurt your feelings, no insult intended....

Well, that is partly why I have the fridge stocked with beer. :wink:

you guys have no QB! I wish the Lions luck, but the fact is it will be all over for them next week as Hamilton, who are a sighty better team, will blow them out.

bad season for the east division, great start, awful mid season, bad bad finsh.


I hear Roberto Luongo is going to start at Quarterback :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Maybe Wally will suit up at pivot.

Really, how good can the Lions's chances be with a backup backup QB? Slim to none seems likely. Hamilton is getting better with every game.

Truthfully, I don't think it matters who they have at QB. It's the run defence that needs to improve. Cobb has rushed for 367 yards and 2 TDs against that defence. Hamilton doesn't even need a QB. They could take Joe Blow from the stands, put him behind centre, and have him just keep handing the ball to Cobb. Game over!

Well you better start pounding them now, because I don't think you want to be sober when EE's have their asses handed to them next Sunday. I predict an increase in AA admittance the following Monday

True, BC has some issues on the stopping the run. It was not a real issue against SK, or Calgary just with the lesser teams

I hear the same old tired material that wasn’t even funny in the first place. /yawn

But really, we’re screwed. No QB (#4, 5 QBs don’t really count) and our defense is at best bad against the run.
Enjoy the easy win next week Hamilton.

The Lions corrected their rush D against the Bombers the 2nd time they played them. They will game plan for the run and put pressure on Glenn to make plays. The Lions secondary CAN make plays but only if it’s a close game. If the Lions can survive the 1st half and keep it close, I think the pressure will loom large on these young Cats.

That being said, Glenn looks great right now and should have enough to defeat a flu ridden and injured team. If the Lions can keep it close I will be happy. Last year they were healthy and should have beaten Calgary in the WF. This year, it would be a minor miracle without a healthy 1/2/3rd string QB.