Lions take 13-27 Western All-Star Spots

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Now why that didn't translate into us kicking the crap out of everyone, I have no idea. :frowning:

Alot of the reporters who have votes simply look at stats and don't even watch the games....This according to the Team 1040

It's fairly simple, individual success does not equal team success. I think that's also why the Lions as a defense took a couple steps back this year and were not their normal dominating self that they'd been in previous years.

Quite honestly I think its about lack of solid leadership from the top, GM Wally Buono. The Lions have a fantastic core of players, but they don't seem to have a good team mentality.
They do have a bunch of solid players though. Can beat any team in this league. The West was scary good this year. But scary inconsistent as well.

I'll give you an example. Cameron Wake. Raw talent to be sure. I think he played better last year than this year. Too many plays going for the sack and letting that running back scoot around the corner. Not saying he wasn't great. Just saying....

Our D has been bad this year because Richie is gone. Benevides and Washington just aren't doing it for the D.

I don’t think they’re bad, they just aren’t one of the better defenses consistently enough. Dave Ritchie had those guys ready every game.