lions suck

This game was exciting and it is good to see we finally got the cfl back, but the lions have a lot of problems, this team is going no were,to score 45 points and tie give me a break, they should have won this game in regulation, lions have not won a game know in 3 weeks, and it will continue until this team starts to get there players back, with all these injuries, they should be out of first place and 2-5-2, they is what thiere play latly stands for .

This taem sucks right know and i bet you that there will be only be at the montreal game in 2 weeks, about 27,000 thats it that is all they desrve, they have totaly turned me off.

Shut it. Lions play a great game and so did the Stamps. It was a great game and all you do is be negative about the Lions. Why are you even here.

Even though the Lions started 5-0, it was their D that won those games. Good to finally see the O do something. Lions are just starting to get their injured players back and lose a couple tonight so they really haven't had a chance to gel as a team.

That was an awesome game…, I just about crapped my pants at the end when Jarious hit Paris the end zone , unbelievable, but Calgary’s Q.B. had the game of his life so I suppose a tie was fitting. Even though its like kissing your sister.

nice engrish dupsdell. That game was excellent. just too bad about Rasouli and his completely pointless penalty that may have cost them.

Ras may be considerably lighter in the wallet after that one.

we were hoping to get close for a carny kick thru the endzone for a point lol. Rasouli made sure that didnt happen :frowning:

Considering that Jarious Jackson's experience as a starter in the CFL exceeded mine by only one game and I have never played football, he was awesome! He stepped stone cold into a pressure situation, unsurpassed in regular season games and put in a performance, which few seasoned quarterbacks in game rhythm could have equalled.
If he is not picked up for a starting job the next time he becomes available, then some coaches and GMs deserve to be fired. Having said that with Dave Dickenson’s health as it is, the Lions would be crazy to let him go.

god, how stupid can some people be. On one hand, you acknowledge that they have injury problems and because of those injury problems, they should only be around 2-5-2. Then you say they suck because in spite of those injuries, they still got 5 wins, still scored 45 pts last night, and still came out of Calgary with a pt. Well, good riddence bandwagon jumping fairweather fan. Dont bother coming back when the wins do.

this year reminds me so much of the 2005 season, because if sask wins tonight there in first place, i know only by a point, but i think the lions are not as good as evryone thinks and i think they are going to end up third in the west with calgary second and sask first, and losing against calgary .

and calgary loses to hamilton in the cup.

Waite and see here is the westwern division standing after 18 games

  1. Sask-13-5
  2. Calgary-11-7
  3. bc-9-9
  4. Edmonton-6-12

What the... you do realize you just watched a game where Calgary and BC tied, right? That kinda means a 9-9 record is impossible.

But when you think about it, in order for BC to have a losing record, they would have to lose 7 out of the last 10 games. While that's not impossible (similar 2005 season), it is unlikely.

Calgary tied, at home, a more beatup lions team, and it took exceptional effort from Burris to do it. And you put them doing better than BC…right. Only thing to make that happen is if Calgary has a much easier schedule for the rest of the season…way easier.

i hope you broke both of your ankles jumping off the bandwagon

An excellent game!! A thumbs up to both teams for giving us a great game to watch. It may be nice to have a clear winner in all games....but I will take a tie if it is as entertaining to watch as this game was!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't push the panic button yet. Lets see what Wally does during the bye week.

A real fan doesn't jump off the band wagon when the going gets tough!

real fan doesn't jump off the band wagon when the going gets tough!
real fans are never on the band wagon, they are the ones pulling it

Good come-back FYB!


Right on !! It ain’t over til it’s over. Don’t stop pulling :wink: