Lions still upset with Perry

Jimenez claims the Canadian football media is "building Perry up" because of one play that has resonated throughout the league, yet the frame-by-frame evidence and statistics suggest that Perry is more than just a one-hit wonder.

"When we played them last year, Perry was a non-factor," Jimenez says. "But because he put out one quarterback, on one hit, on a play that was illegal, the media is making a big thing about it. He's a good player, but he's not an over-the-top good player. The success he's had against other teams doesn't necessarily equate to doing well against us."

Out of Vancouver's newapaper

Sour grapes from Jimenez in my opinion. He's trying to downplay the hit on Dickensons because everyone has seen it and he's the one who let Perry fly by him.

Perry was all over the place in that lopsided loss to BC, I distinctly remember him flying into the backfield and stopping Joe Smith for a 3 yard loss on 2nd and short as well.

Let em be upset with Perry. The more they focus on revenge, the more the Lions are off their game, all the better for the Riders.

Add to this wasn't Jimenez called last year for a cheap shot out of bounds on Perry. I guess there friendship is now over, at in Jimenez eyes....

Perry will run wild all over Jimenez this game.

Jimenez is the only one saying the hit was illegal

Fred will get 2 sacks this game!

Perry is awesome. He is making plays all over the place, in all types of plays. He is often the first man to contact the RB. At least from what I notice.

But if The Lions say he is not a good football player then I guess they are right and he is a bad football player.

...awesome, I love the pregame hype here....sometime during the game Perry is going to get a wicked sack on Jackson by rolling over Jimenez and while he is mini-celebrating Murphy is going to poke him in the eyes....then all hell will break loose and Murphy's concealed shank will fall out....this is going to great game....

I understand that the Riders are putting a skid of cheese on their charter plane, to give all those fans, players and coaches that are still whining about the Perry hit.

I think they should call Whine one one!

Actually Wally B. keeps a picture of the hit in his office and still calls the hit illegal.

This game is going to be a slugfest, it wouldn't surprise me if there is another pre-game dust up. These two teams absolutely hate each other, and I love it. The Riders have a nice rivalry with the Bombers, but their new arch-nemesis is the BC Lions.

Didn't happen. No behind the scenes stuff that we could see. No cheap stuff either. Hard defensive battle, and not too many flags.