lions still did not play well

hate to brake everybodys bubble about tonights game, but the lions were very lucky to win and jj is still one of the most inconsitant quater backs i have ever seen. we are not going to win the grey cup with a quaterback like that or even get close.i still think the attendace is not going to improve much against calgary this sat because the canuks do play that night in edmonton and on tv at 6:00 pm, that is going to effect that a lot so i say they will not get any were nere 35,000 to 40,000. as i told you before the canucks are king.

i thought you were gone?

I can’t believe he/she can’t keep his word and go away

maybe it is a heshe

dupsdell - The BC Lions forum version of RLR, priceless :slight_smile:

Dupsdell… keep your promise and go away. You should join the Canucks forum instead you are always talking about them. I don’t really care about the numbers, just enjoy the game and already have booked my playoff tickets. (by the way ask for a dictionary for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate)

Dudsicle is a complete moron. All his post are based on blind hate and it seems he has some insecurities regarding the popularity of the Canucks vs the Lions. Dont worry dudsicle, Canuks will do fine in the fan department regardless of how the Lions do. Now go away like you said you would you asshat.

dupsdell, get lost and let me handle the crowd stuff. You complain, whereas I try to motivate people to get excited about the team and give reasons why they should.

dupsdell, when you can put together a NOISE sign like I did that's 8 feet by 6 feet and hang it in the dome for some great games, then come back

120db, you're awesome. You always hype me up about going to the Dome! I'm a season-ticket holder, so I'm going regardless.

Let's try and get the crowds up to around the 35,000 mark. After yesterday's perfomance in Regina, the Lions certainly deserve it.

the thing is that even if the Lion's didn't play the greatest GREAT teams find a way to win.

thank you 120 lol

I just want to stay positive about attendance and at the same time light a fire under the Lions to do better marketing. What is going to hurt is 1. Casey is not here and 2. we have a Canucks home game on Nov. 18 at 5 pm where the Western Final will start at 1 pm or 3 pm. In 2005 the WF started at 3 pm so it was in prime time back east. Not sure what will happen this time.

If the WF does start at 1 pm however it may actually help attendance as the hockey and football fans can do a one two punch and see two games in a day, watch the WF then walk across the street to watch the Canucks.

It is so true....the good teams find a way to win and others don't. It was a bad start but after the Lions got down 15-0, it started to get better and the second half was a good half for the Lions. I could care less if the Canucks are on TV for a pre season game. I see 80 Canuck games on TV so it is far more important for us to see the Lions. The other game in town is the Giants hockey game. We have seasons for the Giants and they will raise a banner that night but we are still going to the Lions game. We get 9 home games only each year plus play offs so we don't want to miss any if we can avoid it.