Lions State of the Union

Kinda boring, not as exciting as the Roughrider session with Crazy O'l Roy tossing out some zingers here and there, but here's a few things to contemplate.....

"The BC Lions season ticket renewal rate currently sits at 85 per cent with 5,700 new seats. Ackles is projecting an 18-19,000 season ticket base for 2005, an increase over the 2004 total of 12,500"

Awsome numbers, hopefully this rejuvanation continues for Vancouver who has in the past seen attendance dwindle, bodes well though for an exciting house to visit. Pot sales must be down......

"2005 Grey Cup Championship.....public sale date of May 21st for tickets, more than 30,000 have already been pre-sold"

This means packing BC Place shouldn't be too far of a stretch, no matter what teams arrive for the big game.....

"the quarterback conundrum"

There ya go RLR, that's the word I was looking for awhile back, conundrum......just rolls off the tongue. As much as you still say this is a GOOD thing I'd be worried about the locker room affects of this situation, because as Buono himself puts it:

“One will be happy, one will be disappointed."

And that one that is disappointed might have allies to side with him, favorite receivers or linemen, etc.

"He also noted that historically, prior to the 1990s, CFL teams traditionally had two capable and talented quarterbacks on their roster."

what? Like today where a team can hardly field even one......not sure what Buono is saying in this one, dipping into the primo bud maybe there Wal? Geez, was only like '99 that Calgary had Garcia and Dickenson, and I'm sure there lots of other examples of two decent QBs ont eh same roster.

"Buono commented that Printers did struggle at times in 2004, but “maturity comes in time� and with learning and repetition, Printers has become an exciting young football player"

I'm not sure what Casey did to piss Wally off.......scratched his Escalade or something.....winning League MVP obviously didn't impress Wally too much with comments like that.......

"Bob Ackles pointed out that the stadium was supposed to be torn down in 2006 but that the Lions are in the process of extending their lease till 2010. The Lions’ goal is to have enough people filling that stadium that the powers that be have a tough time justifying tearing it down."

Puleez, the Lions are not the reason behind keeping BCP intact until 2010....there's a little travelling road show called the Winter Olympics to worry about........making bandaid repairs to BCP instead of building a new joint makes economic sense.....right Montreal?

"Ackles was asked if the Lions would ever consider going to Saskatchewan for a late season game in the chill of Regina in November. Ackles said that fans in BC have come to look forward to the final game of the season with the rivalry that has developed between the ‘Riders and Lions."

Hey Eskimo and BB fans, guess our three clubs might as well not even play the '05 season, looks like the fix is in for a Lions Riders rematch about conceited......or even game-fixing.......

"BC doesn’t have the Labour Day rivalry that other teams around the League do so this is their chance to build that rivalry."

Another reason for a team in Halifax....Battle of the Oceans......

Anyway, my thoughts, not yours.........

Good comments R&W are you an ex-player? LOL

I like the battle of the Oceans. Each Mayor could place a bet. Pacific Salmon Vs East Coast Lobster.

As for the Stadium issue heres an interesting observation. When the Lions had lean years, everyone phoned in on the talk shows and blamed the Stadium for lack of fans. (May be look at the team?????) When they are winning, the Stadiumnow becomes okay and noisy and a 13th player...yada yada yada. Hmmm, with the Olympics, a retractable dome would be nice, but I doubt that would ever happen. For those of you who have never been to BC Place, It's like watching a game in a Sauna when the sun is out.

hey red and white the comment about the Riders and Lions playing in November is because they always do. Its called the last game of the regular season. Ol Roy as u call him tried unsuccesfully to get this game at taylor field. There was no concietedness at all.
As for the Grey cup, I can't waqit, my favorite weekend of the year for sure. I got my tickets, do you? are correct there soupman, I missed the word 'regular' next to 'season'. My apologies....he's still Ol Roy, has a nice ring, dontcha think?