LIONS STARTING TO SHINE (CFL Players of the week)

Props to Cameron Wake (Defensive Player Of The Week)


Jason Clermont (Top Canadian)

We may be the sleepers this year, but we're waking up. Look out, this team's finding its stride (again).

Congrats guys, on a job well done.

Congrats to them, but shouldn't this be on the Lions forum?

No, it's the "CFL" players of the week, not the "Lion's".

Actually, the title does lead one to believe it's yet another "rah rah Lions" topic, given the nod to the CFL overall is given as an afterthought in parentheses following the initial Lions worries, though - we're not at all shocked...good try on the fake-out...better luck next time...

Then why not congratulate the oher winners then if its the "CFL" awards. You singled out the Lions, therefore it should be moved to the BC forum.

Well, considering that there are threads here on:




I think this one's appropriate. The CFL designated some top players of the week and that's CFL news. Don't pick and chose based on personal preference guys. Good mods wouldn't.

There have been dozens of "rah rah Saskatchewan threads" so let's keep it balanced, no?

Since when are the CFL player of the week awards BC Lion's news only? Oh, pardon me, I guess soon they will be.

well u can celebrate all the player of the weak awards you want, but they still don't win u games.

The riders are 8-2 and they had their first player of the week award last week.

I still think it belongs the Lions forum, since you singled out Wake and Clermont for recognition, ignoring the other winners.

Thank you, I will.

And it means nothing at this point, trust me - I remember the Lions having a record even better than that but it didn't mean squat in the end. We've won plenty of games over the last 5 years, so we don't need your "expert opinion". Wow, holy defensive Rider's fans...way to congratulate the players. Now that's sportsmanship.

Wow, can you share the CFL space here, or is it only reserved for Rider's input?

Deal with it guys - I pointed out two of the CFL's picks of the weeks. I don't care about the others. It's CFL news, even if it hurts your feelings.

I have a game to go to now. You guys are losing it.

For football fans who supposedly think Jason Clermont's alright, you've sure taken this where it didn't need to go. I'm still proud of these players and stand behind my post, however it ruffles your feathers.

Tonight the Riders fans will finally shut their collective pie holes.

I wish i could go to the game, work in the morning sucks!!

I said congrats to them in my first post, even before I stated that this belongs on the BC forum. Bishop won the POTW award and do you see us falling all over ourselves to congratulate him in the main forum? The thread is where it belongs, in the Rider section. If the Als fan want to give kudos to Larry Taylor, no doubt you will find it in the Montreal section as well.

turkey falls all over himself here on a weekly basis..where are you then?

Anyhow, the CFL weekly awards are CFL news, however you want to slant it.

Go Lions...what a game we're in for. Enjoy it (everyone)...should be a doozie.

I hope those guys don't shine too brightly, they will make all their teammates' blind in the locker room before the game... :cowboy: