Lions @ Stamps

Great start for the Leos! Already down 17-0...

Stepping back here, I'm pretty certain that Reilly fumble that hit the goalpoast should have been ruled dead and a safety, not a TD...

unfotunately no

The boys clearly don't want to be in Cgy tonight...

Good thing this is a nothing game...maybe BC wants to give Calgary false hope if they make it to the WF???

Whatever the reason it has me looking for a good movie to watch...

Wow I don't think I will bother to tune in if BC is just mailing it in to poop the bed and take a week off.

Is that the case already? :?

good call FYB; ball had already crossed the plane

Jesus Murphy...what a beatdown. I clearly picked the wrong team this week.


Maybe Mike Reilly isn't quite ready for prime time just yet.

Does anyone in Calgary attend stamps games?
its hard to find people amongst. Al those seats and benches.
Same thing all year, yet people keep saying the seats are paid for..i'm not buying it. IMO, calgary has the worst attendance in the league...even if they wont admit it.

Wow, Muamba just got trucked. Looks like Arthur has taken some blocking lessons from Nik Lewis.

Adding insult to injury, BC takes a 15yd penalty after the big hit.

You are stoned out of your tree right now....right?

White wash so far...34-0 Calgary,

Ha, ha, ha. Awesome.

Backer it would be nice if you'd just chose one team to support :slight_smile:

We all know your a Rider fan 8)

Nice to see the Lions to get smoked. My apoligies StarBuck23; I'll only post in the Rider forum from now on :cowboy:
CFL forum and Daves Pool is exempt.

34-0 near end of the first half. Now 34-14 going into half-time. I figure Glenn is going to start coming unglued anytime in the 2nd half. I wouldn’t count the Lions dead and buried…not just yet. :lol:

If the Lions nail down another TD before Calgary gets up on the board, watch out. The game is not out of reach at 34-14.

Watch for a Lions come back and a win! :rockin: The Stamps will start fumbling and watch for Glenn to throw some interceptions cause if the Stamps continue running up the score that horse of their’s is going to drop dead of a seizure or heart attack.

Hey I have no problem if you want to post as a Rider. You keep losing bets so you can post as a Rider, might as well dump the Eskimos and leave the evil empire :wink:

CFL might want to look into some type of covering on those propane heaters.

Price burns Byron Parker for a long catch...then the propane heater burns Price.