Lions Stamps GDT

Looks like a more entertaining game already. Early BC lead but Calgary with a big goal line stand.

A showdown between two of the top three teams.

One yard short of a pick six. Maybe we're in for another beat down.

Seeing the red helmets, i agree, they are better than the black. BC still wearing the creamsicles. lol

Easy TD. 16-3.

Punt single adds to BC's lead. Only problem with getting a turnover on downs on your goal line is the offense being backed up when they take over. Mitchell couldn't move the ball out much and has now just tossed a pick!! :oops:

It was just a really bad throw. I'm sure Mitchell wishes he could have that one back.

Nowhere to go, Mitchell eats it.

Stamps riding now. Near BC's 30.

Good to see them moving the ball but they do need the TD to finish the drive.

Agreed. Can't settle for FGs.

A wide pass and a well defended pass and they do settle for 3. lol 17-6.

Wondered if that play on Grant in the end zone was worthy of a challenge....but then this is Dickenson and not Popp or Jones here! :smiley:

BC gamles on the 52 yarder and pay. Stamps return it to the 34.

WOW! One pass, one TD. Stamps back in it.

Finch manages a 30-35 yard return out of the end zone on the missed Leone FG and the deep pass to Wilson who gets TONS of YAC results in a quick TD for the horses!

Excellent throw. Fell right into 84's hands and he took care of the rest.

BC two and out. Is the tide turning?

Looks like the NFL official is working this one. Good call on the out-of-bounds pass.

This is MUCH more entertaining game than the earlier debacle - at least it was a debacle for the greenies!

Horses galloping down the field again - but then get stopped. Paredes good on his third attempt of the night.

Another FG makes it 17-16. Stamps clawing back. 13 unanswered.

Brandon Stewart is good but he had his injury problems in Hamilton too.