Lions Stamps GDT

Missed the start of this one. Still hate Calgary's black lids. Lions jerseys look pretty good when they wear the proper helmets.

Let's see a GREAT game. 2 in a row.

From certain angles the Lions pants almost look like they are wearing black shorts over orange leggings with black socks over the bottom part of the orange leggings. lol

Sorry for not following this more closely, but I'm hoping someone can update me. Did Jennings beat out Lulay for the #1 job by outplaying him in the pre-season/training camp? Or did it appear that the decision was pre-ordained?

I like the colours.

I believe he was named the starter before training camp even begun.

They are avoiding shots of the crowd. Not a good sign. Hopefully, they made 25K.

First game was great. This one - not so much. In fact pretty bad so far. Not much offence and 3 blocked punts!!?? That simply should not be happening in professional football.

I'm off to bed. 4.5 hours of football is enough for me - especially when the 2nd game is a DUD!!!


Nice clean field though .

We've got more than a game now.
Great D by Lions.
Rainey is shockingly fast

Bo Levi got away with one there, got to throw that ball out of bounds a bit more. Lucky the Lions toe was on the white line.

This Rainey can play ball. Big catch to move the chains.

That's all she wrote.

What a tough week to pick games. I am 0-4.

Nice 0-4 week for me to start the VGCC haha. Big win for the Lions. They just ran the ball over and over in the last 4 minutes and Calgary could not stop them. Paredes with some awful misses tonight too.

You too? Brutal.

These Stamps - Lions games are tough on me.

Good news - one of them will have a win.

Bad news - one of them will have a loss.

I tend to go with Lions. It is more important for them to win.

As for this game , great win for the Lions.

Lions D controlled until the O got on track.

I feel for you people out East.

A game at 10 or 11 would be murder on me.

What an awesome game to be at

Joe West could not make a catch even if he had a laundry basket! I do not expect my Stamps to win many games if they expect their go to guy is Joe West LOL. Brutal performance against the Lions keep it up Stamps and we will be last place for sure.