Lions @ Stampeders

Well, let's hope this game is a little more entertaining... :lol:

i hate to sound like a band wagon guy, but i was hoping printers would dress tonight. But its always important when wally comes back to town. excited to see if the new recievers get some action.

bryant already in the game... awesome. hes already has more passes then ralf. lol

big suprise... burris down again.

someone forget to tell the stamps about mallet? he is lookin not bad so far tonight

great catch by simon

not a fan of that no yards call. the offense cant score anymore... we need our points.

i love im the only one on this thread. awesome return. who needs titus ryan now.

im happy with a touchdown, but we really havnt seen any actual stamps ofense.

Im listnin to the game on TEAM 1040, beacuse I dont want to watch on tv :slight_smile:

is the tv coverage that bad? team 1040, is that in vancouver?

No, My computer is in a different room, and I cant be bothered to do both, so Ill just listen to a radio station

Im happy that the Lions got a touchdown, i got a bet on this game, Im rooting for the lions

well i appreciate the company. i heard a dj walk out on UTUbe from that station. it was funny. dammit. bc is walkin all over us.

who just got that touchdown? I wasent paying attention

yeah, wide open reciever(jackson) no big return this time.

Damnit, Theres a tie,

awesome catch by nik lewis, but i dont like him taunting his friend armor. reynonlds is lookin good too. so far not many penalties. not tied yet.

we where tied 7-7 BC got another touchdown

sorry, i guess we were off the mark. 14-7 bc. burris took a good hit