Lions @ Stampeders

This game should be a good one, the stamps will get there revenge, you can bet on that!


CGY 34 B.C. 27


Sign of the gypsy queen
Pack your things and leave
Word of a woman who knows
Take your crystal ball and you go

Sorry reliving my 70's :lol:..... I like your prediction.. although I think it will be a lower scoring game and decided probably by Reynolds Running

Lions playing for pride, Stamps playing for second. Logical pick would be Calgary, but the Lions can beat any team, any time, any where. 21-18 BC.

What a tilt...Stamps vs lions..
You just know, they are both loaded for Bear..
Will happyfeet Burris, bail the Stamps out?
He is a stumbling n a Bumbling...
My bet is on the Lions, GO Proline..

I hope the Lions are not looking at this from a lets play for pride attitude. When you do that you risk losing that killer instinct.

....I can't see how 'pride' will be a factor in BC's game plan....they would have to be a pretty proud team as it is....what they will be playing for is another game to get closer to the playoffs, meaning that they will come to town with the normal amount of intensity a quality team brings ot the field every game, nothing more, nothing if Calgary cannot beat the Lions when they are at their normal intensity then they cannot beat them ever.....

Never say never Red. Once Playoffs get here you can flush the regular season games down the toilet.

Radio said Jackson and Pierce will split the duties in this game. Pretty silent out of both camps. No juicy quotes for the bullitin board.

....very quiet the eerie quiet over a battelfield before the war is about to begin....there has been very little info coming out of the stamp camp this week about anything, let alone the trashtalk flying about last week....

.....I doubt Geroy has to do anything to elevate his position, he pretty muched proved everything he needed to last Friday, and Copeland and Lewis maybe got the message that 'put up or shut up' is the mantra of today....

Last week:
Reynolds…10 carries for 30 yds
Geroy…8 catches for 120 yds; 1 TD
This week
…Lions by a Geroy TD!

"The Nature of the Beast " was released in '81.


:lol: :twisted: :thup:

Calgary will have a better chance this week because Copeland & Lewis have kept their traps shut this week. Maybe , for once, they will let their play on the field do the talking, then they can say all they want AFTER ,if the Stamps win.

and that’s a mighty big “IF”. know, I could even accept a loss if it was played by a team that really did their best, played with intensity and made little to no mistakes....if you play like that and still loose there is no shame in that....

I think everyone is getting sick of the Cope with Nick sideshow antics, even Stamps fans. It's getting to be an unneeded distraction already for the team. Time to really get down to business and put up or shut up on a more consistent basis. You have won nothing yet, and until you do, keep the bobsled and relay runs at home!

I am also really wondering already if Henry Burris can ever be somewhat consistent. This saga has gone on for years now, even when he was in Saskabush. He seems to go through extremes. World beater for a few weeks, then mediocre to even brutal for the next one or two games. Hopefully he can get on a 3 week top-of-his game run for the playoffs, or else just keep handing the ball to Joffrey and Cates if all he does is throw bad picks. Mabye Roy Shivers wasn't as dumb as we all thought in letting him go.

In my opinion, the Riders would have won the Grey Cup last year had Shivers kept Burris. No one will ever know for sure, of course.
Burris has made mistakes that has kill his team on a few occasions and people seem to focus on these games. It’s kind of a skewed evaluation since his skill at quarterback (particularly when he passes off the run, or runs the ball himself) has pulled out victories in situations where no other quarterback in the league could have won. He is always dangerous and a lot of fun to watch.
There were a lot of reasons why the Stamps got their butts handed to them last weekend, but quarterbacking wasn’t one of them.