Lions @ Stampeders 10/13/18

Heavy odds against the Leos but I can always hope. Wally’s last regular season game, and Lulay returns…

…and the Eskimos win didn’t help the Lions situation ;D

Good start for the Leos, should be interesting how this one unfolds.

Burnham with huuuge long catch. Annnd another three points that are going to have to do.

Sutton excited for sure.

Lions off to a rather fantastic start. Can we just end the game now? ;D

…without using the google I’ll bet the last team to beat the stamps at McMahon was probably the lions…that Buono guy…

They have a nice two score lead and so far BLM and his friends have looked a bit off their game so yes it would be nice to quit while they’re ahead! :wink:

Bo almost picked off - BC DBs better start practising with the jugs machine - if they have one!

They don’t lose often at home - do they? They lost a division final to the Riders a few year ago (2013) but that’s playoffs. Not sure about regular season.

bo levi threw 3 interceptions in the last game against montreal and has currently completed 33% of his throws against the lions. Why is he considered an mop candidate? Calgary has good defence not good offence. bo levi is not the best quarterback. Masoli is the best

Anybody else amazed at the absence of Orange flags thrown BC’s way thus far?

It’d be nice if they’d stop going on about the loss of receivers in the Stamps lineup. Ticats have been without Chambers all season and have also lost three impact receivers in recent weeks in Chris Williams, Jalen Saunders and most recently Toliver! Those loss of those players is rarely mentioned!

exactly and even with the ticats down 4 starting recievers Masoli is still completing 70% of throws and throwing for over 300yards a game. bo levi still at 33%

…punt and pin them deep Dave, ya pinhead!

bo levi is now 3 for 10 mop candidate? I dont think so!

Masoli has been the most consistently producing QB all season IMO. The knock on him earlier was his TD to Interception ratio and of course the number of games the Ticats had won (or lost). He’s certainly been much better than either BLM or Reilly lately (today’s game the exception for Reilly).
Team win/loss records often seem to be a factor in determining the MOP - as if the QB (very often the nominee) is solely responsible for wins/losses. BLM has been fortunate to be surrounded by a good corps of team mates since he took over as the starter. He’s not solely responsible for the teams good record. In fact I’ve seen a number of games where he was outplayed but the TEAM managed to pull out the W

Certainly doesn’t look good without his “safety nets” (i.e. receivers)

…can you two take your little masoli love in to your Ticat fan forum pls?

…this whole drive goes on a stupid no punt decision…