WHOOPIE ! We lived long enough to kick the Monkey in the nuts.

Good work by the Lion's on their victory tonight against Montreal. Now you guys are tied with us Eskies for the time being. That's a good thing as every win from here on in is crucial.

I think maybe some people are gonna be looking over their shoulders. The west underdogs are shaking it up boss !

Buono is numero uno.
Just needs a bit of time.

"everything says that the lions should outscore the als 2.5 to 1"~ FootballYouBet

Well FBYB. Your prediction was almost right on! The Lions almost outscored the Als 2.5 to 1.

Lots to feel good about this game. Yes, Calvillo was out but it was the Lions Offense that put up most of the 38 points on the board. AND the Lions were facing pretty much the same Als defense as last time.

Too bad about Valli. That's a tough break for the fellow. [no pun intended]. Hope he recovers soon. Hope Leak is okay as well.
If the Lions are able to put 3 or 4 consecutive wins together during the next several weeks they may just have gotten over the hump.

It would have been nice to see Printers finish the game but that's how it goes I guess. Well done Lions!

Great job, guys. Your Lions really smacked my Als down in our own backyard. Full value to Printers, the O-line, Korey Banks, and the coaches for the win.

Now THAT'S what I'm Talkin' about! Good for Casey, Paris, Geroy, Jamal; good for Corey, Tad, and the D-line. The team seized their opportunity - they exploited the enemies weakness and took it to the bank. It's now time to take this new-found confidence into Toronto, beat their sorry behinds, and build on and sustain this momentum. I like the new additions - familiar faces from Edmonton - good to see. It's working!

It’s about time!!

Our respects to the Als and you as well. We all need each other and each makes the other stronger the tougher the competition. Still it is kinda neat to stick it to Marc "we won't tolerate poor play" Trestman. Tolerate that oh great leader.

It was painful having to wait til saturday to watch it. I had to catch a ferry right after work to the Island and thankfully the game was waiting taped for me. What a great way to start off the long weekend! :smiley:

we had a couple of months of crawling bottled up inside us . it was a blast to win on the road in Montreal - we let'em have it all!

Good game. Thanks Boys! Bring it Toronto..... :cowboy:

Agreed 100%.

Still it is kinda neat to stick it to Marc "we won't tolerate poor play" Trestman. Tolerate that oh great leader.
Well, to be fair, I don't think Trestman has ever explicitly said that he won't tolerate poor play. He's simply a meticulous, detail-oriented coach who stresses the importance of playing assignment-sharp football on every snap. Just like Buono, Hufnagel, and every other successful coach in this league. :)

I like Wally more - he comes across a little more human in his old age if you know what I mean. Maybe if Trestman can get a good losing streak going he’ll get in touch with his dark side.

Just curious - what Trestman’s background is? Did he play pro football, push pencils or what?

You're lucky you only had to go up against Leak. Huge difference between he and McPherson. Now that you guys have had your mini streak, I'd be very careful against the Cats. They're getting ripped by the fans and they won't be in much of a good mood next week.

Yep, all the more reason the Lions will have to be at the top of their game when they meet the Ti-Cats Katmandu. But as far as being lucky having faced Leak a few weeks ago I can't agree with you on that one. You're forgetting that the Lions scored 38 points against Montreal's defense. Sure, with McPhearson in there the game might have been closer but I still think the Lions would have prevailed. Don't forget, Montreal did not score a TD in its previous meeting with B.C. [16-12] and Calvillo was playing!

The Lions never cease to amaze me. Just when you're ready to throw a shovel of dirt on them, they resurrect themselves in surprising ways. Printers is making me wish we never go rid of him. Glenn won't run the ball. He won't use his feet. He'll force a pass or let the play fizzle out. He just won't run. We've seen him take Winnipeg down because he was willing to do anything to beat them but against other teams I have to question his desire. I really don't think the Cats can stop a running QB. Printers as someone described is a running back that can throw the ball. Cats will have no answer for him. They never do with a fleet of foot QB. Our only hope is to win the turnover battle because otherwise we may as well just mail the two points and save the travel costs.