Lions simply MUST beat the Argos back to back!

This is the season as far as I'm concerned. The season comes down to these two games against the Argos. The Argos are no slouches but the Lions are way better than the Argos! I will not be satisfied with a split. I will not be happy if the Lions "squeak" out a win tonight and again next Saturday. I want to see the Lions roll over Argos jerseys like a steam roller over bags of Kraft marshmallows. The Lions need to put on a display that the CFL will take notice of.

If the Lions DO win, the whiners and nay nay sayers I'm sure will say, "Oh they just won because they played a weak team." I don't care but it would be nice if the Lions dominate the Argos in every department and show the fans that the win against Edmonton last week wasn't just an aberration. If the Lions do not succeed in trouncing the Argos and picking up 4 points the season is pretty much done as far as I'm concerned- and that will be sad indeed.

I want to see Solomon play like he is possessed. I want to see him lend a helping hand as he helps is quarry [Lemon] up off the turf. I want him to make "Lemon Concentrate". [pun intended] I want to see Hunt do his magical "Bring it to me Baby" dance. And I want to see the zebras ref with competence. No stupid controversial calls or missed calls.

I hope the Lions exploit the Argos suspect D into oblivion. Arland Bruce is pumped and has swagger. I want to see all of the Lions show a little more swagger. It's too bad WR Kierrie Johnson has been put on the injury list. I was looking forward to watching him but I'm sure he'll be watching the game and cheering his team mates on.

Tough to disagree with you about the needed results. Two wins here would all but kill any possibility of a crossover knocking us out if we finish third.

Good point YoEleven. I hadn't even thought of that. That is one more crucial incentive the Lions need!

Braley needs one of this two teams to win BOTH games. I'd say better for him if BC wins because with Sask holding down the basement in the West and TO doing the same in the East, BC is more likely to make him some post-season $.

It's hard for him to speak with both feet in his mouth FootbalYouBet. Give him some time. I'm sure he can't wait to share what's on his mind about Lulay. lol

Lulay played another solid game tonight. The score and net yards tell the story.

One more to go! Toronto came unglued tonight which is what I was hoping to see. There was even some pouting on the Argo bench which is just not what one expects from a professional team but that is coach Barker's problem.

Too bad about Murphy.
Congratulations to the Lions for the victory. Tonight's game sets the stage for a great finale at Empire Field before the Lions return to B.C. Place. Now we've got to see Winnipeg put Saskatchewan away on Sunday and Calgary put Edmonton away on Monday.

I read that Fantuz may be returning to Saskatchewan if he is not picked up by another NFL team. He was recently cut by the Bears. That will be good for the Roughies but bad for the Lions. Fantuz always has his way with the Lions which really ticks me off. lol

The Lions' litmus test will be September 17 when they have their showdown against Calgary. A win next week at home against the Argos and a victory against Calgary on their own turf will make a lot of believers out of the skeptics.

Bruce played another stellar game tonight. That's two games back to back with a great performance. No reason why that cannot continue.
Foster made some sensational catches. This guy is very hard to bring down after he catches the ball. He also has sure hands. Gridiron called it right when he said they need to utilize this guy for more than just the long deep ones. Foster is not only a threat on the deep plays but Travis is making good use of him on the short passes as well. The guy is a like a giant! Travis can afford to throw the ball well over Foster's head and the gentle giant is still able to haul it in.

Elimimian played like he was possessed- again. He always plays like that. I am so glad he is on our team.
No major injuries tonight for the Lions so they should be going into next week's game very healthy.
Travis is playing better and better each time I watch him. I still think he's not getting the protection he needs from his O-Line but he's beginning to adjust to the urgency of the situation. McCallum for an "old" guy plays like he's still in his 20s. Anything within his range seems automatic now.

Yes, we got burned by Owens but only once. And all teams are vulnerable to that when facing Owens. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I'm feeling pretty darn good and I hope our Lions are too.

yup feelin good , .concerns:.front line still freaks me out with angus's poor snaps ,low or high, and Phillips from the start to the end, keeps holding up and not swarming never makes the initiative to stick any body , even paul mcallam made the tackle on owens while phillips stood there as always, 4 years now ive watched this , how he gets away with it I dont know

Hey Beaglehound, Go find the thread Tyrone started two yeas ago about him thinking we should sign Printers and compare it to the Lulay Thread. Your gonna notice the same argument WITH tYRONE CALLING EVERYBODY A GOOF IF YOU DIDN'T AGREE WITH HIM OR that Nina would soon jump in to back up tyrone and calling everybody a jerk including me when I question Tyrone about his singing career. And how long did it take to developed? Its was basically trying to tell him to understand the qb situation with Pierce, The nina is gonna back whatever Tyrone said.. LIKE A PET!!!

you guys need to win so the riders stay out of the playoffs!