Lions sign WR Shai Ross, release LB Micah Awe

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions have signed National wide receiver Shai Ross. The team has also released American linebacker Micah Awe.

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Surprises me a little. WR is a pretty deep position right now for the Lions. I wouldn't be surprised if he's just put onto the practice crew.

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He's a Canadian and the guy they just released (Micah Awe) is American. I'm thinking this was a ratio move. Neither of these guys were starters so you might be correct. To the practice roster with thee Shai Ross!

Of course that would mean that anyone could grab him if he's needed elsewhere right?


They could grab him but that means he could hit them right back. Signed is signed, isn't it?


"Players on the practice squad can be promoted to the active roster whenever a team sees fit, but can also be offered a contract from another team so long as it is for an active roster spot. The original team may prevent this by promoting the player themselves."

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Learn something every day, Thanks, Maaax. So will he be active roster? :thinking:

I don't know yet. If you find out please let us know.

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I spoke too soon. He's listed on BC's Active Roster right now.

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What happened to Awe? A few years ago, he was a real force on D. Gave us lots of highlight-reel hits.

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Right now the whole BC franchise is a highlight reel. Maybe they're trying to address their ratio situation. Canadian in, American out.

I can see them adding an import OL sometime soon. That line of theirs falls apart every year.

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I'm surprised the Elks released Ross!

Chris Jones said Shai Ross was released after he declined to be assigned to the Practice Roster.