Lions Sign Shell

It looks like Braley is essentially transferring assets from one hand to the other. LOL!

Wondering how long it would be for there to be a Braley joke. no time, OP took care of it right away.

Looks like the Lions want to out-swagger Swaggerville and have the best D this year. We are going to have a great D-line again this year! :smiley:

It's a good signing, he's one heck of a DB.

not sure why the argos got rid of him

When your paying Ray 400k and you've paid Jyles 75k. you have to find that 275k somewhere. So they sent lowball offers to all of their free agents hoping some bite. So far they aren't fairing too well.

Great signing for the lions. Does this mean he take Kornegay's spot?
Lin-J Shell and Korey Banks in the secondary is pretty badass.

Lions are going to have a good team again this year. Should be dominant in the West.

I wonder if he's related to Art Shell. Anybody know?