Lions sign Shakeir Ryan to PR

Hey Ticats, Wake up.

Hauntfest '19.

Here’s a guy that didnt get a second chance. Fastest guy I’ve seen come through here.

You don’t want a player, no matter how good he is, if there is no discipline. We let a darn good DB/LB go last year for lack of discipline. On this issue, we have to defer to the coaching staff as to the pros and cons of keeping Ryan in light of his rumoured conduct which was alleged to be in the nature of refusing to listen to the coaching staff on ball protection issues, which cost the team.

Yup. After the speed he showed in his only game he should have been given a few more looks. Jones again gets fleeced by Buono.

Why is Wally not deterred by this?

This kid has speed to burn, and the effort/shiftiness too.

But June Jones didn’t trust the kid with ball security/said he always carried the ball like a bread basket (I’m assuming, even after being asked by coaches not to).

I think it was a mistake letting Ryan go. He looked like an exciting KR to me. But I’m not a pro coach.

If June Jones was right, Ryan’s fumblitis will pop up again in his stint as a Lion.

He did get a second chance. He was here in training camp & was cut. His second chance was the Calgary game.

Why do I have the feeling that this is the dumbest move the Ticats have made this year? Burners are not easy to find. So, he fumbled one. It’s not like anybody else was doing anything positive on special teams this year. He should have gotten another couple of looks at least. You can’t teach speed. His ball security issues could have been worked out. I do not agree whatsoever with this decision.

On the 1st weekend of September the CFL practice rosters were expanded to accommodate NFL cuts.
On October 1st the practice roster had to be reduced to 10 players, It is the rules.
In between then and now, 3rd string QB(Moniz) was also designated to the PR and we went with just 2 QB’s on the roster, some forward thinking by our supposedly bone headed Coach. ???
4 players had to be removed from the PR, Chad Owens and Shakeir Ryan were caught up in the reduced numbers.
If Coach Jones had serious issues with Shakier Ryan he would have been off the team immediately
(See Davon Coleman)

To speculate that there were personality clashes between Ryan and Coach Jones is unfair to both the player and the Coach.

I am hoping that when Owens is healthy enough, he will be re-signed in time for the playoff run.

It is not like we are lacking for KR’s on the team

F. Williams
I bet that John White would be pretty good also

If you go to the lionbackers site, a lor of the fans there think Wally should have been fired by now.

And I will take Rainey off B.Cs hands if they want to replace him.

For sure…Rainey would make a great Ti-Cat.

Some teams load up on talent and other teams find a way to retain talent.

Most teams retain talent actually. With the exception of Toronto (13) and Montreal (28) the rest of the league falls within 16-22 players turned over from last year.

Cats fall right in the middle at 19.

May. “Why is HAM standing pat ?”

Oct. “HAM cant retain talent”.

Same people.

How many of these KR have actually returned a kick for a TD?
…And yes Rainy needs a new home… Wally’s been known to let talent walk out due to personality conflicts…Harris of Winnipeg comes to mind.

Those people are right. Tillman and Jones are guilty of both. This team is good but still has some glaring holes that were never properly filled. Charlseton Hughes fits both criteria.

Usually leave these types of discussions for FA period when “bring in more talent but dont you dare cut players I like and still stay under the cap” is in full swing.

Ha! TOR won the Grey Cup, had the least turnover in the league, and still managed to suck this season.

The suck runs strong in them. Too bad they seem to stop sucking just long enough to pull out a fluke Grey Cup win every 5 or 6 years.