Lions sign quarterback Antonio Pipkin

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions announced on Tuesday that American quarterback Antonio Pipkin has agreed to terms on a contract.

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Nice veteran signing by BC!

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Yes, glad to see some veteran help to fall back on. Presumably he knows he's competing for a back up spot again, but I'll feel a little better now if Rourke falters or gets injured.

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If Rourke falters or gets injured, O'Connor is next man up.

Key word in my post was "veteran" & O'Connor falls short of that designation in my book. You have to know Pipkin wants the # 2 spot(at least). I'll be interested to see who gets dressed for the first real game. Can Pipkin steal the back-up role by then?:thinking:

Pretty sure every QB want's to be a starter or number two, but Pipkin has been, only ok his whole career.

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