Lions Sign Linebacker David Benefield

The Lions have signed vetern david benefield and i welcome him to the team and this his will be a key player leading us to the grey cup

Hate to burst your bubble, but he was only signed so he could retire as a BC Lion 4 hours later. He said his best years were here as a Lion and he wanted to retire a Lion.

I would have loved to see him play here again, but it wont happen.

good to see daved retire a lion,

If he liked BC so much , why did he leave to play for the Riders then?
Is he doing this because he now as re-found his love for the Lions or is it a bit of brown nosing because he wants to pursue his Vancouver media career? Ya know , to make himself a little more popular to make his column in the Province more popular? I'm somewhat skeptical on his motives myself.

rats.. i wastold that by a friend but didnt want to believe it

Pennw I think Bennefield ended up in Winnipeg before he left for Saskatchewan. I honestly can't remember if it was via a trade or free agency. His wife is a Vancouver Police Officer, not sure if that factors into the equation or not.

He was quoted (In the Province I think) that he played his best football (had his best years) here and wanted to retire as a Lion. His career was winding down when he was in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

Ulterior motives....I doubt it. I always liked him as a player.

would have been kool to see him one more year playing...but his best years are backed up by great years watching and cheering for him!!!

As I remember it Sporty, he left BC as a free agent to sign with the Riders . I liked him when he played for us , but I always felt he snubbed us . It wasn't a trade.

Nope you are wrong, he was in Winnipeg before he was a Rider. Now how he became a Bomber I do not know.

Nice to see Benefield retire with the Lions. I enjoyed his brief stint with the Bombers he played well for us.