Lions sign Canadian QB Nathan Rourke

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions Football Club has signed QB Nathan Rourke (N) to a three-year contract. The Victoria native was selected the second round (15th overall) of the 2020 CFL Draft.

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Wow great news .

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He should get a good look from Rick Campbell. The only problem is that the CFL is going down to 2 starting QBs. So far the Lions only have 4 QBs listed, but likely goes on to the practice roster


The Giants did a dirt move on Rourke. Bringing in him as a receiver was garbage move when he played QB in college. Rourke could've won the 3rd QB spot behind Jones. He might even beat out McLennon, why that guy keeps getting a job in the NFL in beyond me


IF the Giants really wanted an ex-QB / athlete who can play receiver they could have tried to sign Brad Sinopoli = super proven receiver at the pro level with multiple 1000 yard plus seasons; but they likely never heard of him; the chance of Rourke panning out anywhere near the receiver talent of Sinopoli are likely slim to zero.

Foot in the door chance for Rourke with the Giants; should have been given a shot at QB; but now signed with the Lions so hopefully he can impress as a QB there. Rourke should get a real shot to compete for #2 there - but we shall see,


Let's hope he get's a good look and plenty of chances to play .