Lions sign Ben Sankey

The web-site reports that the Lions have signed former Calgary QB Ben Sankey. The name sounds familiar, but I don’t think he played much there. He is currently in an Arena league.

Calgary Posters, what can you tell us about Mr. Sankey?

I'm guessing this means we won't be seeing Peirce on the field for a while?

I had heard Pierce wouldn't even be throwing a ball for a couple weeks, and could be out six or so with a separated shoulder.....anyone hear something different?

The said Pierce will miss the Aug 31st game.

I think this is insurance for Dickenson. Dickenson still can't suit up to practice. Rumour has it, he hasn't been cleared to drive his car yet. (Unconfirmed...Late night talk show rumour).

cough Marty York cough

So it's possible B.C. could be joining Toronto real soon then. That's a bit of a shame. But at least they'll get a bit of a break with back-to-back games against Montreal and then Toronto at home.

Our starting 3 QB's for the next long while are:

Jarius Jackson
Gino Guidigli (spelling?)
Ben Sankey

Time to start praying to the heavens.

How long has it been since Sankey has been in the CFL?

2002 was his last season.

Have they said how long Buck is out for?

I know with concussions it varies from person to person so it's hard to put a time frame on Dickenson.

This is all we have on Buck:

The Latest from the B.C. Lions
Head coach Wally Buono said the team plans to bring in another pivot next week in order to bolster that position's decimated ranks. With no firm return date set for either first-stringer Dave Dickenson (post-concussion symptoms) or No. 2 Buck Pierce (second-degree shoulder separation to his passing arm), the Lions are down to third-stringer Jarious Jackson (one previous CFL start) and newcomer Gino Guidugli (no CFL experience).
Middle linebacker Javy Glatt (strained Achilles) was to undergo an ultra-sound examination Thursday for a condition the club hopes is nothing more than a tendonitis flareup. Offensive tackle Rob Murphy (hip pointer) may be held out of practice for a few days. - Vancouver Sun

Looks like Buck is out another 3 more weeks minimum. This is going to be a loooooooooong season for the Lions.

I really hope JJ can play like he did last game in Calgary and our defence can hold their own.

Oh my, BC is in a bad place… Do you guys remember Ted White?

The Mtl Als signed Sankey for the 2003 season. They cut him because they knew that Ted White was much better than he was. Think about it, Ted White is better…

To be fair to Ted White, Don Matthews never put in his backups, even in blowouts it seemed.

All the guy saw for playing time was 2nd or 3rd and short situations, and then the playoff game where Calvillo got hurt.

He wasn't given a proper chance.

I heard earlier today that BC was pursuing a "mystery" QB. I was really hoping it was someone more interesting, like Doug Flutie! That would have got some people talking!

Yeah, he'd be thrilled.

"Say, Dougie, er, ah, how'd you like to play a little ball. What? Our other QBs? Well, do you know what 'roadkill' is? They basically got steamrolled, so we need someone agile to get back there. Sure, don't let the severe injuries fool ya, we've got the best O-line in the league."

Why not Nealon Greene? He led the Riders to the promise land many times :wink:

Nobody can find him, or I am sure Wally would have him in camp by now.
Pinball wanted him, but couldn't get hold of him.


Wow! Kind of surprised to see someone consider my Als to be a "break" in the schedule. :smiley:

True thought that the Als usually don't so so well in BC. :cry: