Lions sign another QB

The Latest from the B.C. Lions

The Lions announced the signing of the 6-foot-3, 230-pound Gino Guidugli, who will be activated as the third-string quarterback for Saturday's road date with the Calgary Stampeders due to the continuing uncertain health of Dave Dickenson. - Vancouver Province

Wow Wally go down to the Italian section in New York to find this kid. Good job though did not take him long. He will serve good italian food for the kid and make him feel welcome.

He could be playing sooner than later. Buck's ribs are still a little tender.

Speaking of the Lions, good article here. Ok, the author uses the all too-often phrase "pass happy league" (what, is the NFL the "run happy league"?) but the stats show the Lions last in the league in passing yardage. Defence is getting it done in Vancouver.

"The CFL is supposed to be passing league but the statistics don't prove that a month into the 2007 season.

The B.C. Lions are perfect with a 4-0 record but are last in passing yards with 814, a full 95 behind the winless Hamilton Tiger-Cats." ...

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Awesome. I had gone out of my way to state, like, five times in another thread that BC is going to be getting a new QB soon. Nobody new what to say to my replies.
But BC gets QB afterall.

Ya, I think you were probably the only one that thought BC would need another QB. I'm almost positive Buono came on the forums and took your advice.

We teased you!

It was only going to be a matter of time before they hired another QB. I would have thought the guy that was in last year (Forgot his name) would be back, however Wally seemed quite high on Guidugli.

...I am surprized Pierce is getting the nod to start this weekend with all his injuries...if it were me I'd start Jackson and hold Pierce in reserve...

I'd start Jackson too.

If those ribs are as sore as I beleive them to be (Radio said Pierce was "wheezing" and having soreness when breathing on Saturday) I'd be starting Jackson.

I thought I recognized that name, here's a piece from Ed Tait in the Wpg Free Press today:

And finally: Because of injury concerns, the Lions have added a QB prospect this week who may be familiar to Bomber fanatics -- former University of Cincinnati star Gino Guidugli. He was on and off Winnipeg's negotiation list over the past couple of years, but was yanked this winter after he failed to impress some of the Bombers coaching staff attending NFL Europa training camp. Guidugli was most recently with the Green Bay Blizzard of arenafootball2 and the Bombers -- who are still uncertain at the No. 2 QB spot -- had better hope their evaluation of Guidugli is more accurate than that of the Lions. "I think he's a guy we could develop into a long-term prospect," Bob O'Billovich, the Lions' director of player personnel, told the Vancouver Province. "He probably doesn't have as much foot speed as the other guys, but he has enough athleticism to get out of trouble. Gino's got a quick delivery and he's a very bright kid."

Stamps might be seeing our third and fourth stringers:

The Latest from the B.C. Lions
Buck Pierce says it hurts when he inhales and exhales, however, he still expects to start Saturday’s game against the Stampeders, knowing that the flak jacket he normally wears might have to get some extra padding to see him through. - Vancouver Sun

Piggy, you know how Wally has a "knack" for finding QB's..................

If he "lights it up" against Calgary (Which I doubt will happen) it might be another one that got away from Taman! :wink: :wink: