Lions should start Lulay


BC Lions fans- You have a winner in Lulay. He is an athletic Dave Dickenson who will be a star in this league. Get rid of Printers and bank on this guy. He had several dropped balls today too. I like this guy.
Riders also have a winner in Dinwiddie as a back up. Can't wait to see all the starters from both teams playing against each other.

Printers is going to be great this year his ability to scramble and throw the ball down field, is something lulay can not do yet.

Lulay will be great, but Printers has to prove himself this year and he will, i say before the year is over it will be Printers and Lulay, Jackson will not play much.

Printers is going to disappoint is my prediction. Another Hamilton season. His successful scrambling and make it up as you go along will work sometimes but then the bad Casey will kick in and try to force throws that are not there. Casey is a bust T-shirts will be big sellers in Vancouver by Labour Day. An old native soothsayer told me this outside of Moose Jaw yesterday. Guaranteed it. :wink: :cowboy: :rockin: :thup:

Tell us more about this old native soothsayer and his predictions?
What recommendations does he have for CFL offences and defences?
Does he want to be a CFL advisor or coach too?
What does he say about whisky and bourbon and beer for that matter?

You can usually learn a lot from an old-timer though sometimes you have to wait forever for the wisdom as they tell some really long stories and talk your ear off.

She suggests teams go back to the wishbone offence and use more quick kicks and flea flickers. Also, she commented that head coaches need to watch their weight and that kickers need to have more lucky charms stuck down their pants.
She also suggested teams scrap prevent defences and blitz more and that the term safety be eliminated and replaced with bean counter particularly for Rider teams!!
She also suggest the 2010 Grey Cup will feature Winnipeg vs. Riders with the Riders winning on a missed Blue Bomber field goal after the Bombers were called for too many kickers on the field and put back 15 yards which likely caused the miss.

1/2 time entertainment was by KD Lang sponsored by Western Cattlemen's association. Backing up K.D. will be Troy Westwood's band much to the delight of the Winnipeg faithful. Edmonton hosts a good party according to this soothsayer except Edmonton Oller jerseys are banned due to their 0-30 start in the NHL.

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So, uh, turkeybend, was she that old and if not, was she hot? You going to go out with her too?

So uh, should Printers be hurt again soon into the season and that Jackson might not be able to go long whilst apparently not quite 100% though close, is Lulay the way for the Lions? :?

Any comments on Lulay’s performance from anyone who actually saw the exhibition on TV or live?

Whenver Turkey recomends something, do the opposite for graet justice!