Lions should open up Upper End Zones for Tribute game

The Lions should open the Upper End Zones for this Tribute game on the 18th, at least one end zone.

Let the 25 tickets fly. Not everyone wants to shell out 64 for Upper End Zone seats, as big as the night will be.

It will be a historic night for the organization and for the League.

In many ways it may be a pivotal evening for the Lions. The team should go all out to try to attract as many fans as possible.

i agree but they have not sold enough tickets to do that , i think if the lions win this friday that will help a lot, but if they don't i think you are going to see a very small crowed, i also think that most people will be paying thiere regards to bob ackles at the stadium out side and also i think that the sadness is wering off a bit , so most people are getting over it.

know for this to become a big event they are ging to have to make this seem like the place to be July 18th, and the way to do that is just all this week and next talk about how wounderfull this night is going to be and do not let up, one thing i think that Bob Ackles was not good at was promoting those WF he could of pushed them right from the Beginnoing they won the west put tickets up for sale right away a lot of those western finals could have been sell outs if he did that, or maybe it was the front office i do not know, but waht they have to do with the july 18th game is keep telling people to come this going to be an event you do not want to miss.and of course the lions winning on Friday , and winning good too will help, so all i all i say the most we will get is 40,000 and the least we will get is 33,000. there is just not enough time to sell 50,000-60,000 tickets.all though if this was the mis 80's it would have sold out no problem, i also think bob ackles lived in the past too much.

God bless his sole and i hope he is looking down on Bc Place every game at home this year, exspecally July 18th.

I agree, they have to sell the sidelines first before opening things up.

Might be more interest if we win Friday in Winnipeg. Selling tickets for a 1-2 record is better than selling tickets for an 0-3 record.

God bless his soul as well :wink: